inspired by colors of india

I recently came across a book by the name of india color and it inspired me to do this next post. there are many places that i would absolutely love to travel to in this world, but india is my number one!

i find their culture very interesting and i am so incredibly inspired by their eclectic style. i don't think i have seen a place so colorful.


if anyone knows the sources for the other images please let me know!


  1. What a great post! These images are so beautiful and vibrant.. great finds! We just discovered your blog and it's wonderful.. you do such lovely work. We'll be following for sure, and sticking your button up on our page!



  2. I love indian culture! I'm friends with a lot of indians, and they're all involved in a lot of cultural clubs. When I watched their traditional dance performances, the movement of every person's body is so passionate. It's amazing!

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog! :)

  3. There are so many Indians in South Africa and I am obsessed with that place. Food, clothes, colours, etc... It's definitely top on my list too. Loved the pictures and you're blog is so cute! :)

  4. I'm officially in obsessed with your blog. I love it! So glad I stumbled upon it. And isn't it amazing to think about how big this ol' world is?! Craziness. So much to explore :)

  5. gorgeous pictures!!!! i want to go there so badly.

  6. i love love love these photos. i'm hoping to go to india possibly this winter. i travel a lot, but have never been to that area of the world. it would be so exciting. thank you for this awesome post!