on changes

it's been six months.

six months ago my life story turned a corner and instantly a new beginning was created.
it has been a journey filled with tears, laughter, joy, excitement, learning and love.
i have been finding myself, writing the pages to my new story and along the way have discovered more about life than i ever dreamed...it's been a beautiful path filled with many lessons that i will forever cherish and carry with me as i continue on this adventure.

while enjoying this journey i have realized a few things about change...
change is necessary - change is important - change helps us grow
i look at scenic glory and all that it has become since i published my first post back in november of 2010 and i see an unbelievable history that i am so honored to have shared, but at the same time desire something new...something that portrays me and this amazing journey of life that i am currently living and about to embark on.

i feel as though i have "abandoned" scenic glory and my desire is to get back to the basics of what this space was originally intended to be - a design + inspiration blog.
in the coming month i am excited to announce that scenic glory will become just this...a place to share my love for design, the things i create, beautiful details that inspire me and i hope will inspire others.

but what i am most excited about is the personal lifestyle side that gradually found it's way in to scenic glory throughout the last year. this side will have a new home - a space that i have named.

i am her
candid musings + photographs from the life of a ginger girl

with the introduction of  the new scenic glory will also come the introduction of this little gem of mine.  i look forward to sharing and putting my heart & soul back into the things i love so dearly.



on finding happiness.

this last year has been nothing short of a journey. a life changing journey.
i have grown in ways i never thought possible. 
i found strength in myself that i never knew existed.
i discovered that time really does heal. even that of a broken heart.

through this i have learned an invaluable lesson on happiness.

happiness...is not defined by another person. true happiness, is found when in your own company.
being alone and finding what it is within yourself that makes living life truly remarkable.

when you find your own true happiness, that's when the unexpected starts to happen...
amazing people begin to find their way into your life.
maybe for just a moment or maybe for an eternity, but either way they will find you.
it's these people that will see your own happiness and bring it to new heights.
it's these people that you will grow, learn and laugh with.
it's these people that will remind you why finding your happiness first was worth it.

find it. feel it. be it.
it's the greatest gift you could ever receive.



sometimes i forget how inspired i can be by color.  while browsing through my photo archives i came across some snapshots i took recently while spending the day in chattanooga...it seems that on this particular day i was inspired and in love with all shades of blush.

although...blush seems to be my favorite nearly every single day 

cigar boxes + succulents

i have a love for random trinkets & keepsakes.  i remember a time when my heart would skip a beat at the sight of a vintage cigar box (who am i kidding...i still get excited when i see one), i always wanted to buy them, but never knew what to do with them - one can only have so many "spare change" boxes.
that is until now.  never will i pass up on another good cigar box find...they will be the perfect home to a lovely succulent garden.  don't you agree?


here and there ✈

my weeks have been filled with a lot of travels here and there.  chattanooga day trips, atlanta georgia baseball games, a weekend in cleveland with family & two weeks in the big city of beautiful chicago.

the smokey mountains welcomed me home with open arms yesterday...today has been filled with to do lists, design projects, unpacking and a little bit of olympic watching.  i'm making my way to the screened porch in just a minute to watch the early evening thunderstorm that's rolling in and hope to catch a magical firefly show afterwards.  

it's good to be home.


open call for august sponsors!

after taking a break from sponsorship for several months, i have decided that this august is the perfect time to get back into it again.  i have been going through a bit of a life transition and wanted to take some time off for me, but exciting things are coming - amazing changes are happening and i look forward to documenting & sharing it all in the coming month.  which means a perfect opportunity for me to take you along with me!

here's the scoop...

over 1,100 blogger followers
over 22,000 views in july so far
totaling over 3,000 followers on other social networking sites such as:
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