what you may not know...


am a dreamer. always have been, always will be...there just isn't any other way to live for me.
do not regret things easily - life's too short for regrets.
believe everything happens for a reason - so i'm always finding the positive in it all.
have been a vegetarian for almost 7 years.
like to write out lists because it makes me feel like i've accomplished something...
have a tendency to never go back and look at those lists :)
 love old fashioned carnivals & circuses (just the nostalgia of it all, not the animal cruelty part)
believe i was born in the wrong decade - but don't we all?
want to buy a vintage vespa.
am a self taught guitar player, i'm still not very good - but i love it anyway.
do not like pop, carbonation and i do not get along.
do love vintage sodas though - not the taste, just the look :)
love dresses/skirts and wear them pretty much every day.
own a vw bug convertible - her name is francine.
am a perfectionist.
love lipstick in all shades, especially red & peach
will work for the anthropologie design team one day - there is no other option.
want to drive the entire route 66 in the next few years (and blog about it of course).
listen to music all day long while i work on designs (thank you grooveshark).
want to go on a hot air balloon ride this year.
get excited about small things like candy striped straws & polaroids.
want to see charleston SC and savannah GA.
am a lover, not a fighter.

...what you may not know about me
xoxo, lindsay

p.s.  thank you to my lovely friend victoria of pistol daisy for inspiring me to create this post!


  1. I too only love vintage soda cans.. NOT the drinks!!

    I adore this list!!


  2. I feel the same way about sodas. Blech.

  3. Such a nice way to get to know the blog author a little better. Thanks!

  4. I loved reading this! Such a great way to get to know the lovely lady behind the blog! I would love to drive route 66 also! Sounds like a blast! Also, I pretty much live in dresses! If pants were outlawed for women, I totally wouldn't mind. haha.

  5. There you are! I have missed you. You know, we have so much in common. I'm a dreamer too...and always will be. And I list...and don't go back to look at them. And everything DOES happen for a reason; my life now is for that very reason. Glad you are blogging again, dear...and show me pics of Francine. :)

  6. GIRL...you have to get those eyelashes for your car headlights...have you seen them?