life lately.

i have been away for a little while, not because i don't want to be here, but because i have been taking the time to build myself - to become a better version of me - to grow.

discovering this new life has been a journey...while certain moments have been scary, other moments have been enlightening. motivating. inspiring.  it's these things that keep me moving in a forward motion - in the end i will land on my feet...that's the part that really matters.

i have learned through the months that uncertainty and i have a love - hate relationship... i used to be a planner, but what is the purpose of planning when so much of what life has to offer, we have absolutely no control over?  a life of uncertainty is far more exciting - so for now i choose to live and let live, i choose to continue to let it be.

to my long time readers and new one's as well, i hope you will continue to follow me on my life journey - let's learn, build and grow together... 

"she wants to be beautiful, wants a flash, a spark, a rare and wonderful spirit that everyone sees. but before all of that, she wants to respect herself. as is. even the shaky parts. because even the shaky parts have a shine to them that doesn't fade. she grows ever stronger in the life she has made."



  1. Welcome back. This post is beautiful x

    1. thank you belinda - i really appreciate it :) hope you have a lovely day!! xoxo

  2. I am in the midst of a similar journey and would love to hear more about yours. xo.


  3. You look gorgeous! (: glad your back!!


  4. Yay! Welcome back! I have missed you.

    At least you have a good reason for why you've been gone - I just don't have anything to post about :(

  5. Love it. Well said. I have no DOUBT you will land on your feet. You are fabulous!

  6. love this. ive been feeling this way alot lately... thank you for sharing.. its a beautiful, sometimes scary or messy journey...yet wonderful every step.

  7. you are beautiful Lindsay!

  8. I love your tattoo! How pretty and simple.

    I also stumbled upon your blog today and fell in love! The colors are so great! I'm definitely your newest follower! :)