on learning.

every day i see a new opportunity - to live. to learn. to grow. it's a very beautiful thing and something that i never intend to take for granted.  i sit here thinking about my life, where i am, the people that surround me and all the things that this life has to offer...that i have to look forward to...

i have learned...

to focus on today - you never know what tomorrow will or won't bring
to be thankful for the things that i do have - not what i don't
that being different is a gift 
that time really does heal, even when you think your world is over...it does get better
that i really can make a difference, whether it be in this world, or in a person's life
smiling is contagious - we should all do it more often
that niceness can be mistaken for weakness - but at least i know it's a sign of strength
that every single person has a purpose, including myself - it's just finding it that's the hard part
to dream and dream big - we only have one life to live why not make the most of it?
that attitude is everything - and a positive attitude is priceless
that forgiveness is necessary - to not forgive is like drinking poison
to speak even when no one is listening
to help and do the right thing, even when no one is watching
that i deserve to be loved and accepted for everything that i am and want to be
that disappointment makes you stronger from the inside out
that creating "small talk" with a complete stranger can make a difference in their day (and mine as well)
to let go and be okay with it.

i have learned to be me and only me-this is my commitment to live up to the spirit that is within myself.

i have learned to live in the moment and make it so beautiful that it will be worth remembering.

what have you learned?  i would love for you to share with me.



  1. Love this post! I truly believe that smiling is contagious and I try my hardest to always smile. I hope to cheer up all who are having a bad day.
    That's how I'm going to leave my mark on this world. :D

  2. love everything you said.

    i've learned that life is so precious, and to never take a single second of it for granted. that you never know what someone else is going through, and to always show compassion and be kind to everyone you meet. xo

  3. today i have learned that you will never truly be in love until you let someone love you the way you deserve to be loved! what ever issues you may have! - kelly osbourne shared this today and it resonates with me!

    you are a wise lady, lindsay!
    hello, tigerface. x

  4. I have learned that just because you have a dream and a life plan at an early age DOES NOT mean that you're going to follow that dream and plan into adulthood and for the rest of your life. Dreams change. Plans change. And that's OK.

  5. I learned to forgive.
    to let the bitterness of other people glide right over me
    to sing for a crowd of beach goers even if they boo
    to drink only when I'm happy
    to pull off to the side of a highway just to get a perfect picture
    to understand that my scars will never heal
    to smile because they've made exactly what I am
    I learned that people are unjustifiably mean
    that we may live under the first amendment but that people should know, not to protest at my cousins funeral
    because its inhumane. Because its wrong.
    I learned to live and let live.
    But that the hardest thing a person can do is forgive.