hello! i am lindsay...so lovely to meet you :)  i am a full time designer, dreamer & creator of all things beautiful and my blog scenic glory is the home to all of my outlandish ideas.  you will always find me with a camera around my neck ready to capture the perfect shot.

when i am not out and about i am busy creating pretty designs or spending quality time with my husband of just over a year.

we are a dedicated pair and are constantly thinking of ways to make each of our dreams come true.  currently we are following our dream - our scarlet & cream dream :)  scarlet & cream is a new business adventure that the hubs and i are pursuing and plan to open next spring - she will be a retro trailer that we will serve gourmet (yes gourmet) snow cones and other fair type foods out of.  we hope our pretty girl will look something like this by the time we are done...

(this is a mock up that we created - hoping to get a pretty 1960's trailer just like this one!)

feel free to stop by, visit and follow our scarlet & cream journey here also i am offering a you pick the price - for a scenic glory print - all those who donate any dollar amount will receive a digital copy of their choice of one of my prints from the scenic glory print collection!

click here for more details and see how you can help our dreams come true!


while i'm here i want to offer a special giveaway to one of casey's amazing readers.  one lucky winner will receive 3 printed pieces from my dream catcher collection - "sweet dreams", "i'm a dreamer" and "free spirit"

Good Luck!!

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