my beautiful disaster

What inspires me the most is meeting other creative people.  I almost feed off that positive energy, if that makes sense.  It's always so inspirational to see what ideas people come up with and encourages me to become more creative and try out new things.

Don't fall for the same boy twice, it'll hurt more the second time.
Find happiness within yourself, don't expect others to make it for you. 
Don't worry about your looks, it's a waste of time.  You're perfect the way you are. 
Be happy with who you are, you're unique and have a lot of amazing friends who love you.
Oh...take up photography, will ya?  Don't wait until you're older, experiment now!

     + taking photos
     + making my friends burst out in laughter
     + summer sunsets
     + Indian buffets (yes, seriously!)
     + playing with my son
The theme song to my life would have to be "Intro" by the XX.  It's such a beautiful song, I can either get pumped up by it or feel completely mellow and at ease.  Take a listen and you'll understand.
If I could have a picnic with anyone dead or alive, it'd have to be my great-grandpa. He died on the operating table when I was around 3. It was very unexpected, and of course at the time I didn't understand what had happened to him and where he went. My family tells me that whenever I'd go outside, I'd run next door to see him. (We lived beside each other). He'd always be waiting outside for me and perch me up on his knee. I wish more than anything I could remember that.
Within the next 5 years, I'd love to own a home, have traveled to a few destinations, and be more established in my career.  I'm slowly getting there, but I'm hoping by the time I'm in my early 30s I'll have done at least that!

i am so thrilled to be able to share the beautiful erin with you all again today.  she is a breath of fresh air, a ray of sunshine and everything in between.  she is filled with so much creativity and happiness...she will quickly become your newest favorite :)

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