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I'm Meag! I'm the 24 year old performer, turned baker, turned jeweler and soon to be ukulele goddess! I recently moved to Montreal, Quebec, Canada with my amazing boyfriend and 2 crazy kitties named Kitty Kitterson and Little! I am the creator behind "Heart & Soul Pieces" by little handmade jewelry and accessory business. Just loving life in general right now :)
I am fairly new to the blogging world starting only 5 months ago! It's definitely a learn as you go process :)
I wanted a creative outlet to share my experiences. I had been reading a lot of blogs and was really inspired by the women  who wrote them. I also live away from my family so it was a way for them to keep up with my shenanigans as my life is CONSTANTLY changing :)
 I love doing quick and easy tutorials as well as just showing readers my day to day life through photos :) I am really inspired by things I see around me or things I find online and love sharing them with my readers.
Performing. It's my first and true love. I have been performing since I was 12 and I am pretty sure it is something I will do till I die. I like to say that I am like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman when I see a big musical. I cry (happy tears), I am inspired and I am TOTALLY jealous of those up on stage :)
I would love to live in the 40's - the clothing, the physicality of the women, the lifestyle it's all so beautiful and exciting.
Oh goodness I have so many blogs I read! You should just check out my list here!

i have had the pleasure to get to know this lovely lady meag while working on a design project.  she is simply wonderful and i think you all would love her just as much as i do.  go give this lady some love! XO

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