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My name is Krista.  I'm a mama, artist, and blogger. 
I've had my current blog since this past February.
I started blogging because I was designing stamps for a company in Scotland, and the two seemed to go hand in hand-- being creative and writing creatively:).  Blogging about my artwork, outfits, family life, and dreams is something I look forward to each day.  The blog has grown to be a huge creative outlet for me, giving me a chance to "taste life twice."
I especially love to write about my family.  I have been married for almost ten (10!) years to my blind date.  We have two beautiful children, Niamh and Philly.  Life has been good to us, and I enjoy sharing the most precious parts of it!
I love to play with my kids, go golfing with my hubby, draw, run, and write.  They are my top five:).
I'd live in the 1940's.  I love pinup girls...although I'd rather draw them than be one:).  I just love that era's style. 
Little Chief Honeybee, Little Miss Momma, Scenic Glory;), and Boundless.  They are some of the reads I truly look forward to each day!

miss krista is so incredible.  her artistic talents and fabulous DIY posts have quickly become a favorite of mine :)  head over and give this girlie some love...you'll be happy you did

interested in a large feature like this on scenic glory?  there are a few spaces left for september!  see my sponsorship information here

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  1. I'm such a 40's girl too! I always day dream of what life would be like if we had the night clubs of Frank, Fred and Bing!!