question mark - Q & A part 2 ♥

an old one of matthew and i camping at a local park

so i am back with a few more answers to the questions i received on my "question mark" post.

here goes nothin' ♥

any one person, past or present you could spend the day with...who would it be and why?
i have always dreamed of meeting dave matthews of the dave matthews band.  i have been an admirer of his work for many years.  his music inspired me to pick up an acoustic guitar and teach myself to play...if only i had started at the age of 3 like he did. 

i really adore him  not only because he is an amazing guitar player, but because of the songs that he writes.  his lyrics really speak to me...he is such an inspiration.  i also love his dedication to making the earth a better place to live!

favorite place you ever visited?
i really loved visiting my grandparents lake house during the summers in ohio.  it was so peaceful...cottages left and right, a beautiful lake with sail boats everywhere, kites in the sky and a light house in the distance.  i did a post recently about this place...it was so magical.

if you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
there are so many places i still would like to visit.  in the states, i imagine i would really love seattle.  for some reason matthew and i think we would really love it out there even though we have never had the opportunity to travel there.  the culture, the arts, the people...it seems like a win win :)  matt and i have always said if we could just pack up and leave we would head to washington!

around the world...geez i don't even know how to answer this because i have never left this country.  i imagine i would like india, australia and ireland.  have any of you visited these places?  do you think you would like to live there too?!?

what is your ideal career?
my ideal career would be designing full time.  i have a desire to work with the design teams of free people and or anthropologie in the worst way!  recently i have spoken with matthew about opening up my own brick and mortar scenic glory store...a mixture of vintage clothes and vintage decor, handmade items from locals and etsy sellers, as well as new vintage inspired apparel.

if any of you have stores of your own i really really would love to chat and pick your brain a little bit! if you have a moment to discuss please email me at scenicglory{at}gmail{dot}com.

what is it like working with/in the same building as matthew?
haha i like this question...a lot of people wonder this.  luckily matthew and i are both very laid back, nothing ever really bothers us therefor we never fight...we do a good job of discussing things before it ever gets to a fighting match :) i really enjoy being able to see matthew at any moment in the day.  we used to work in the same department for about a year and then he moved to a different area (still just a walk around the corner away!).

it's nice when i can just hop on over to his desk and ask him how his day is and see if he wants to go to lunch.  i would really miss stuff like this if we didn't work in the same building!

if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
another great question...and such a hard one to answer.  i wish i wasn't so hard on myself.  when i say this i don't mean my appearance (don't get me wrong there are things i wish i could change, but i have learned to accept me and love me for who i am!) what i mean is, i wish i could change how critical i am of the work that i do.  i absolutely love design...most of you know this, but i can look at something for 2 hours...play around with it and still be unhappy. 

i guess in this field it is good to be a perfectionist, but sometimes i drive myself crazy for no good reason.  i really wish i didn't do this!  when this happens i make it a point to walk away for at least an hour.  when i come back i feel a little refreshed and 9 times out of 10 i can fix what i don't like in a snap :)

how long did you know matthew before you knew he was the one?
i like this question...i would say about 4 months or so.  i knew he was a great catch from the beginning, but i was very cautious at first because i had just gotten out of a really bad relationship.  he so easily erased every worry i ever had...it was then i knew that he was the one for me ♥

what are you afraid of in your life or in your future?
i am fearful that i will not be able to have children.  a few years ago i had a few surgery's that don't necessarily affect whether or not you can get pregnant, but it can cause a person to have miscarriages if not careful.  although i am fearful of this, i would say that it is not something that bothers me as much as it used to.

of course i would absolutely love to have children of my own, but we are lucky to have so many options out there...adoption, surrogates, foster children.  no matter what there will be children out there that need love.  knowing this really helps me ♥


okay folks that is all for today :) the remaining questions were all blog design or HTML related so i will put a post together with a few tutorials and screen shots!  i hope to have this posted by next week!

also, i am thinking about putting together a super affordable workshop that would have thorough information on blog HTML and design.  if this is something you would be interested in please feel free to let me know and include questions that you might have.  you can leave it in a comment below or even better email me!  scenicglory{at}gmail{dot}com


  1. hey girl, have you ever considered designing for a scrapbook paper company?
    I am working for one right now, and I LOVEEEE IT!

    you do beautiful work, so just a thought? :)

  2. Your store would be AMAZING!! For real. You have such an eye for that kind of thing. And I can't wait for your tutorials! I've been trying to learn a little HTML here and there, but could definitely use some help!

  3. These where such great questions! I honestly really admire your courage and the positive vibes you send to your readers.

    Don't know about India, but Ireland and Australia are fabulous. Australia is too far away from my country though!

    Will the HTML tutorials be an online thing? If yes I'm interested! (I should be ashamed of myself because I'll be graduating in IT this year haha but I'm more on the software programming side than web design).

    Ok end of super long comment :) x

  4. This is so great! I love that you're doing this and I can't wait for the HTML part!

  5. It's funny, we have a lot in common. Dave Matthews is truly inspirational. When I first listened to his music, I was blown away by his immense talent and insight for the world, and his voice exudes so much emotion and feelings. I listen to him on days when I am most relaxed :)

    I loved Seattle! I went to visit not too long ago, and it's a nice place. I can see you w/your store somewhere around Pike marketplace :) There are tons of people who own little indie bookstores and fabric stores.. it's really awesome to see all the culture in one place.

    Your grandmother's lake house must be beautiful. When you wrote this, I thought of Charlie St Cloud. I just saw the movie last month and I love the scenery :)

  6. love hearing these answers. i definitely think you'll be doing full time design work in the future. you are very talented. i work with my husband in the same building too... our home. you definitely have to be pretty laid back to spend so much time together. have a lovely day!

    A Whole Lotta Love,

  7. i love reading the answers to the questions. Its so great getting to know you a little bit more.
    I have spent some summer by the lake in Ohio and I absolutely love it. One of my fondest memories is the summer I went there with my Poppop. Its definitely a memory I won't forget.

    Take care beautiful lady.<3

  8. What a beautiful post! So interesting! I love getting to know you a bit better!
    You choose your words so perfectly...you should write a book!

    Hugs xxx

  9. Yay- some of these were my questions and I was looking so forward to hearing your answers- you definitely did not disappoint!

    You are really great at giving your readers what they want- I would like a guitar performance, please:-)

    I know we have chatted about this before, but I LOVE that you would want to live in Wa- most people think its dark and depressing but that is to untrue! I lived outside of Seattle for awhile but spent most my life in Vancouver (about 3 hrs from Seattle) and I loved it sooo much! Love the weather, the culture, everything.

    Cooper and I want so badly to get pregnant in the next few months and my biggest fear is not being able to, but I like what you said about other options- so true:-)

  10. Oh, goodness...if you opened a scenic glory store front I think I would just move in. :) Katie is reading blogs with me tonight and she said, "Who's that?" pointing to your picture. I said, "That's Lindsay." "Oh," she said,"Who's her dad?" pointing to your husband. :)

  11. Dave Matthews is awesome I would love to meet him too!

  12. Love the get to know you posts! And I also knew pretty quick I wanted to marry my hubs too! :)

  13. Seriously...could you two be anymore adorable? ;)

    & I'm over the moon about your dave inspiration. he's AMAZING, obviously! lol

    You are lovely as ever doll.