a ship in a bottle

i have vivid memories from my childhood days when i would spend the summers with my grandparents at their lake house.  it was so quaint and charming.  the water was just down the road...when the streets were peaceful you could hear the waves crash against the rock.

we went for many walks by the lake...the seagulls made beautiful music, kites wild in the air, a lighthouse in the distance and hundreds of breathtaking sailboats...they were my favorite.  i always dreamed of being on one, but never had the opportunity.

today i look at life like a sailboat...

there will be rough waters, but you must push through the storm.  never allow yourself to become the ship in the bottle...you have the whole sea around you.  just open your sails and everything will be okay.


  1. These photographs are mesmerizing and just take me to another place! AND I totally agree with you - life is like a sailboat. When I read your posts, all I can think about that you have a beautiful soul.

    Xo Mervi

    Ps. Thanks for the follow :)

  2. Gosh, I felt like I was in a dream reading this! This post is so sweet and how fun for you to be able to visit your grandparents lakehouse!

  3. "just open your sail and everything will be okay"
    loooove love love this post. this is something that I definitely needed to hear. thanks so much for all of your inspiring posts - those pictures are wonderful also!
    have a great day!

  4. So inspiring! I always loved going to the lake in Minnesota! and thanks for the oncewed.com website!! I've been to all these sites except that one and I LOVE the DIY part. I'll definitely be asking for some help in the design process if I need any!

  5. Your memories with your grandparents sound amazing. The closest thing we had was backyard pool parties. Hehehe.

    But yes, that's so very true. Life is truly like a sailboat. And we can't let 'down' times get in the way of accomplishing our goals. :)

  6. Girl, you had me at "a ship in a bottle"! Loved reading this post, (as well as the others) and the last paragraph is simply perfect. My parents have a beach house back in Portugal and gosh how I miss it. Miss the sea mostly!
    By the way, thank you SO much for offering me your help for my blog, you're the sweetest. I'll definitely let you know if I have a problem! Thank you!

  7. Lindsay, your posts/pictures take my breath away. So whimsical and beautiful :) Thank you for sharing all of them :)

  8. wonderful inspiration doll! You just made my day so much happier :)



  9. that was so beautiful! thank you so much! your encouragement is very inspiring! i love the imagery you painted about being by the ocean, it made me want to go and play in the sand and lay in the sun! have a happy day!

  10. Have you every thought about writing a book? SeriosulyA! You could easily right a book about the inspiration of life or getting through depression or something like that!
    This is so so true. Whenever something bad happens to me I always try to think about the reasons why I should be happy or smile, even if there are only a few reasons.

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  11. Look at these gorgeous pictures!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

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  12. What a dream to spend summers on a lakehouse! I wish I could have had such memories!!

  13. So beautiful. I spent a lot of time at the lake as a young girl, and to this day some of my most peaceful memories are of me walking beside the shore, listening to nothing but the quiet lapping of the blue water against the rocks.

  14. So beautiful. It makes me want to be near the ocean right this minute! Walking along the beach barefoot, watching the boats float along the water & hear the crashing of the waves & and a lighthouse near by is always wanted as I LOVE me some lighthouses.

    Thanks again for a wonderfully inspiring post that makes me want to day dream a little!

    You rock my socks off lady!!