in her shoes - a feature with morganic ramblings

alright lovelies it's time for another in her shoes feature.  i just recently discovered morgans corner of the blogging world morganic ramblings and highly recommend you click that little link if you're looking for fun times with a few laughs!

what motivates you to get your day started?

coffee. its all about the bean juice. then i continue with "spiritual coffee", praying for the day & for God's love to fill my heart in whatever may come. if i dont start the day off right, there's always tomorrow - we have 365 fresh starts (& opportunities to get our coffee on.)

what part of your day do you most look forward to and why?
coffee time. just kidding guys, i promise i dont need rehab.

in all honesty, id say dinner time. when im at home with family, we have random & awkward conversations over our meal. i contemplated giving you all examples, but we still have a chance at being friends, so i dont want to entirely freak you out just yet. when im at college, my suitemates & i raid the caff & set up camp at "our table" to decompress from the day. dinner time is epic.

what do you like most about where you live?
i live on both sides of the country at once. people sometimes ask if it's a hannah montana life. i reply that i am not particularly fond of her, but yes, it's like living two different lives.

{what i like best about CA} :: constant sunshine, please & thank you. also... there is a coffee shop on every corner.

{what i like best about NC} :: everyone says "y'all". also, there are actual seasons here. like, leaves fall in autumn. & little white things fall from the sky in winter. that doesnt happen in sunshiney cali.

what part of your day is the most difficult and what do you do to overcome that?
mornings are difficult. that's why i drink coffee. have we covered that?

what do you love most about yourself today?
i dont normally harbor feelings of love for myself, considering that i'm not the most fantastic person.
however, today i found some more chopsticks for my collection & that made me feel pretty nifty.


thank you morgs for sharing with us a day in your shoes!  now go stop by and visit this lovely lady and tell her hello!


  1. She sounds completely fun! I am definitely going to check out her blog!

  2. She is adorable! :)
    Also, those shoes in the picture, I am in love!x

  3. Love a fellow lady who uses "ya'll." It's a regular part of speech in Oklahoma too!

  4. I love this!! I'm from Texas, I don't know what to say if I don't say y'all!


  5. these little interviews are brilliant for finding new blogs.
    it's my ambition to establish my blog and be featured in something like this haha.
    thank you :)

  6. "That white stuff"- awesome, haha! Definitely going to check this blog out! Hope your having a great day, Lindsay- and thanks for the sweet comment on my blog. I hate it but don't know how to make it better! eh well!

  7. Love the coffee comments! So cute! Heading over there RIGHT NOW!!

    Thanks for intriducing her, dear Lindsay!!

  8. haha yep.
    that's my older sister for you.

  9. Oh my gosh! I love the name of your blog. It's so very clever! I also have a coffee "problem" except that I usually need to add chocolate (another "problem") to it.