in her shoes - a feature with tea and biscuits

hello friends!  it's wednesday and i have two fabulous in her shoes features to share with you today.  i have really enjoyed this wednesday feature and thank all of you for sharing a day in your shoes with all of us.

first up we have the oh so lovely hannie of tea and biscuits.  if you're looking for a little style inspiration you should definitely pay her a visit! here is a day in her shoes.


What motivates you to get your day started?

I have to be honest, but I am a terrible morning person. I am that person who looks something similar to the Hulk until I've been given my 30 minutes of peace and cup of tea in the morning! Once I'm feeling more alive, what tends to motivate me is a genuine excitement about what lies ahead of me that day. I'm in my last year of high school, so at the moment my main daily motivation is very much so getting the grades in order to get into university!

What part of your day do you most look forward to and why?
I'm going to be a little cheeky here and say that I have two favourite parts of my day. One is lunchtime, normally because this is when I get to see my girlfriends. We have such busy lives that normally it is a simple matter of saying "hi" when we pass each other in the corridor, but at lunchtime we really get to sit down and have a good old natter. My other favourite part of the day is bedtime (ha!), and this is because it is the only part of my day that I truly dedicate to me. It is my 'quiet time', and I spend it reading my Bible, reading any new magazines, maybe doing a spot of writing in my diary, or sometimes just listening to my iPod.

What do you like most about where you live?

Oh my, I could not love where I live anymore than I already do. It has been the perfect place to grow up. I live in a town called Cambridge in England (maybe some of you have heard of the university... it's a little famous!). The town is full of old buildings, and little cobble streets, and coffee shops, and book shops, and all things divine like that! Outside my window you can see the Cam, which is the local river, and when the university is in its semester there are always rowing teams training literally just outside my window. There are also plenty of parks and trees, where we all ride our bikes. I'm going to be devastated to leave here in September!

What part of your day is most difficult and what do you do to overcome that?

The most difficult part of my day is when I sit down to start my school work. It's not that I don't like studying, because I honestly do, but it's more that sometimes the amount of work feels overwhelming and never ending. I am a complete perfectionist, meaning that I never allow myself to slack, so I look forward to the day after exams, when I can just sit back, sigh with relief, and finally breath again!

What do you love most about yourself today?

Loving myself is all fairly new to me, as most of my life I've been pretty tough about myself. But hey, you've got to start somewhere! So, today I love my strength. I've been through some things in life that I feel no one should really have to go through, and sometimes I worry that I've had to become too tough in order to survive everything. But, my new found strength also has its positives: I have beaten an illness that has a scary mortality rate, I have fought back at life, even when I felt life really wanted me to let go, and I can still find the beauty and light in life, even after having seen so much darkness. Yes, I am afraid daily of the giants around me, but being afraid doesn't make me weak, in fact, it just makes me stronger.


thank you so much for sharing a day in your shoes with us hannie... i must say that where you live is absolutely stunning!

keep an eye out for another in her shoes feature later today coming from morgan of morganic ramblings



  1. I recently came across her blog, and I love it! Love the way she expresses herself :) x

  2. Aw she is so adorable I am heading over to check out her blog now!

  3. what an adorable little lady!! thank you so much Linds for yeet ANOTHER amazing in her shoes feature :)

    I love, that she loves herself and her strength! What an empowering statement!

    love you pretty lady!

  4. Loved this "in her shoes" post :) Experiences, be they extremely tough, can absolutely make you stronger. And I stopped by Hannie's blog, she is a doll!!

    PS - Cambridge does look dreamy! That photos with the trees, the bridge, the gondolas...love it :)

  5. great interview lindsey! thanks for sharing!

  6. Cambridge seems magical!

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  7. Love it! Going over right now!

  8. " So, today I love my strength." You're so inspiring my dear.

  9. The lovely Miss Hannie just did a guest post on my blog about courage that I LOVED! She really is inspiring & her blog is so delightful! Thanks for posting this. By the way, I'm your newest follower. . .you have a lovely blog!!

  10. Wowowow, I apparently need to live in Cambridge.

    Kristine. Or Polly.

  11. I'm not a morning person either and I warn people about that on a regular basis. I also adore where you live. It looks so pretty. I have never been outside of the United States except for a few day drips to Canada, but I really want to go to the UK, Greece, and Germany!