♥ magical kingdom ♥

"find that magical place in your world...and live there."

i came across this quote today and i wanted to share it with you all.  i feel each and every day i am getting closer and closer to my magical kingdom :)  this last year i was lucky enough to marry by best friend and partner in crime,  i was offered a part time job with our wedding photographer to do design work, i have been given the opportunity to do window displays for an amazing local boutique and something so very special to me...i have found all of you!  never did i imagine that blogging could bring me so much happiness.  i am inspired by each and every one of you...because of you my heart is always smiling and each day is bright and beautiful. 

this year more than ever i realize that hard work and dedication really pays off.  i may have a long way to go...but sooner or later i will find my magical place to call home...i can't wait ♥

have you found your magical place yet...or are you still traveling like me?

xoxo - lindsay


  1. in love with this quote. and your words....
    i'm still traveling. thanks for the post!! :-)

  2. i'm still travelling too!! i've always wanted a place to go when I'm feeling sad, or lonely, and just be able to sit there for hours and feel better. buuut, i'm still looking :)

    i hope you're having a great monday!!

  3. you're the inspirational one here!
    I love your attitude and optimisim!

    thanks for being my blog friend!
    happy holidays lindsay!
    i am still traveling, but I am lovin every minute of the journey!

    lots of love!


  4. Love this quote. Thanks for always finding the most magical things & posting them. AMAZING as always.

    The ocean is my magical place. That is why someday I want to move close by.. ;)

    Have a wonderful day lovely.


  5. i am:) and it's truly magical! your such a beautiful person....your quotes and letters always make me smile! love ya....:)

  6. Great quote and another beautiful pictues. I could come to your blog merely to look at the snapshots you find and fiddle with. :)

    I'm also very happy to here that you are in a good place.

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  7. I have the magical people, just not the place...still looking for that perfect sitution where I feel secure. XOXO

  8. Hard work ALWAYS pays off, girl. Glad to hear you've had a wonderful year! This is a beautiful quote!


  9. I'm so happy you are happy! :) And you definitely should be....sounds like you have a pretty wonderful life, my friend!

  10. Still traveling, but I'm getting there. :) So glad you enjoyed your vintage Christmas goodies! Isn't the Santa wrapping paper fabulous? :)