animal love

as promised here are some updated photos of our lovely animal family...introduced in no particular order.

meet brixa (her name does not mean anything...we just made it up!), she is the newest addition to our family. she is a 1 year old great dane and continues to grow every single day. i wonder to myself when she will stop, but for some reason i think that time will not be here for another year or so. she is currently just over 130 lbs...yikes :) but what else could we expect with a great dane? she is so affectionate and truly believes she is a lab dog...not sure that can last too much longer...

this is our little four year old chihuahua boy named fig (doesn't he look like a fig newton?) and boy does he keep things interesting. unfortunately he has not yet discovered his love for brixa, but we are hoping that day will come soon :) he is a little pipsqueak weighing in around 7 lbs. and if you are wondering why we decided to own one of the smallest dogs and largest dogs in the world?!? i'm sorry to say we don't have a very great explanation, that's just how we roll :)

meet duma meaning "little cheetah" our 3 year old domestic bengal cat...isn't she beautiful? we admire her beautiful spots and her sweet personality. she's so pretty to look at, unfortunately these pictures don't do her justice. it is so beautiful when her fur sparkles in the sun. her and the figster are buddies, however she is still trying to get used to big old brixa. i'm not sure i blame her for being a little concerned though, brixa is a little clumsy and tends to trip over herself pretty easily. would you want to get smashed by a dog that size?

we have here lady godiva. she is my parent's chocolate lab...we are watching her at our home while they relocate. she has mixed in well with all of our little creatures, but often times has to tell brixa enough is enough. she is a young 5 years old, but she can't quite keep up with miss brixa. she's not much for pictures either, but at least i was able to catch a couple quick shots :)

hope you enjoyed their brief introduction. i am certain they will be making there way onto scenic glory again very soon.

goodnight moon ♥
xo lindsay


  1. Aw so cute! I love all your puppies. Not too much of a cat person, but she's pretty! I love Great Danes! I think they are so nice for being such big dogs.

  2. oh what a pack of wonderful animal friends!!!! i love how Brixa rests her front legs on the floor while her hind quarters are so eloquently placed behind. and Fig, well i just want to eat him up - so adorable. Duma is a beauty and i think your darling sofa is the perfect backdrop for them all. i say SOFA DOGPILE EVERYONE!!!!!

  3. Lindsay! Great meeting you. LOve this blog and so glad we are now connected. Love that you have three dogs and a cat! I'm an animal lover myself. cheers!

  4. aaaw, I love your animal family :)
    me and Cas is going to get us a few new familymembers as well after new year, most likely a cat or two from out local shelter, and I can't wait!