the suitcase for life - part ll


all of the things that are included in my suitcase for life are very special and meaningful to me however i think the item i am sharing today is one of the most important...self acceptance.

for me, i don't believe there is anything more important than being comfortable in my own skin and accepting who i am as a person. so often i would look at myself and not be happy with one single thing. i finally realized that this attitude was not helping me at all and i needed to do something about it.

the process was not easy, but i can finally say without hesitation that i have fully accepted who i am and i truly do love myself. it seems kind of strange to say it like that, but to me that is the true definition of self acceptance...if you don't love yourself first how can anyone else have the opportunity?

please feel free to take part in this series and grab a button on the right sidebar. i would love to read about the things in your suitcase for life.

have a beautiful day ♥ lindsay

::family portraits coming later today:: (our animal family of course!!)


  1. your blog is beautiful and so inspiring. your words in this post were awesome. so glad to "meet" you:) looking forward to your posts!

  2. Thanks so much for that tutorial! I left a comment on it thinking that the Dainty Squid left that comment on my blog, but I'm a little slow and just realized you're the one who did! ha but I am definitely going to try out that cupcake tutorial.

    Thank you so much for calling me beautiful! Oh my gosh it's so sweet of you! I actually havent found any clothes on etsy yet, but a TON of headbands!


    All really cute. I'm actually going to TRY to make these!