my pretty skin art ♥

i have always been an admirer of beautiful artwork and absolutely love the kind that is on the skin. i decided to wait to get visible tattoos until after matthew and i were married and boy have i gone a little nuts...in a good way though! over the last 5 months i have added four tattoos to my gallery :) and i thought i would take the time to share them with you.

allow me to introduce you to sir winston...isn't he lovely? this is my most recent tattoo and is currently a work in progress. i have an appointment this weekend to get more work done so i will be sure to share more pictures. the branch will be shaded in gray scale and that pretty little peacock feather on my shoulder will be full of beautiful colors...i can't wait!
i wanted a larger piece that was nature inspired because to me it is timeless and very easy to add on to. eventually i would like a quarter or maybe half sleeve of the peacock feathers mixed with some of the grey scale flowers that are on my shoulder blade. aside from being absolutely gorgeous the peacock has many symbolic meanings such as openness, strength, nobility and glory, this is what inspired me to get this portion of the tattoo. the owl represents wisdom and protection...i like that he is always watching my back!

the next picture is not the greatest so I will try and get some better ones posted sometime soon, but these are my pair of feathers on my inner left bicep. one feather symbolizes myself and the other symbolizes matthew. i like how feathers are free to fall and blow in the wind however they want...to me matthew and i are free and i thought this was a beautiful way to represent us. i will add more feathers once we add some little ones to our family nest ♥

here is a snapshot of the pretty little maple seed that rests on the side of my left wrist. i got this tattoo in october for my 5 year anniversary of being a vegetarian (my good friend mallory also got her own special tattoo the same day to recognize being vegetarian for 1 year). i wanted something natural and earthy and thought a maple seed was perfect fit. also, when you look at it from the other angle it looks like a "v" for vegetarian :)

this is the first tattoo i got after matthew and i got married...actually we both got this one together. we knew we each wanted to get something to represent "us" but at the same time we didn't want it to be too masculine or feminine. we decided on this simple tattoo. it is the roman numerals for our wedding date. we both got this on our top right shoulder. simple and sweet!

I also have a set of snowflakes in my ribcage area, but i did not get a picture of those because i am going to get some prettiness added to them so i wanted those to be a surprise.

also i want to take the time to thank miss ann loaris with ink machine...she has been such a joy to work with and has created such beautiful skin art for me!!

do any of you have tattoos or have a desire to get any? i'd love to see or hear your ideas.

have a magical day!!



  1. Great tattoos. I'm not a fan of them on myself.. maybe ONE someday ha, but yours are so pretty and I love how they each symbolize something!

  2. I LOVE your blog, it is so beautiful. My favorite of your tattoos is the one that symbolizes your wedding date in roman numerals. that is brilliant! I dont have any tattoos, anymore. i got one prison style by my friend in high school (you know with a needle and an ink pen, i cant believe how crazy that was) but of course it faded after a year. haha!

  3. I love your tattoos. I have some small visible tattoos before my wedding (wrist, feet etc) easy to hide and now I am ready to get those I have dreamed about for so long. Thanks for the inspiration to get back into it. Love that your referred to your body as a gallery that's how I've felt for a long time.

    Ramblings of a Small Town Girl

  4. so utterly gorgeous! the little owl makes me hold onto my heartstrings with glee. and the feathers, beautiful. i love how each one underlines a mutual influence between the other and your artist is a phenom!

    i've got my next tattoo design together, just have to get the cash together for it, thanks for inspiring me even further!

  5. thank you everyone for your wonderful comments...it truly brightens up my day :)

    i'd love to see all of your future body art...be sure to post pictures!

  6. I absolutely LOVE your tattoo of the feathers representing you and your husband, that is so beautiful. Speaking of which, your entire blog is beautiful!

  7. These are all great tattoos, I especially love the feathers :)
    I just have one but ever since I got it I have been dying to get more!

  8. I'm in love with the feathers. It's unique. I love unique:) I also love your shoulder freckles, I have them too!!!

  9. Oh my gosh #$@^#&^$!! I didn't know you had tattoos girl! You're officially EVEN COOLER than before. I'm serious. I have three tiny ones and I can't wait to get a fourth!

  10. Lovin' your owl tattoo...sweeet!!
    The feathers are gorgoeus too..that is one slick artist you have!

  11. Your tattoos are AWESOME! Love the wedding date one x

  12. I love all of your tattoos and what's the meaning behind them! So interesting and amazing!

  13. I love ALL of your tattoos! I like the idea of the tattoo of the wedding date; it symbolizes you two together without the need of each others names. I'm in love with it! Also love the feathers on your inner bicep!