on changes

it's been six months.

six months ago my life story turned a corner and instantly a new beginning was created.
it has been a journey filled with tears, laughter, joy, excitement, learning and love.
i have been finding myself, writing the pages to my new story and along the way have discovered more about life than i ever dreamed...it's been a beautiful path filled with many lessons that i will forever cherish and carry with me as i continue on this adventure.

while enjoying this journey i have realized a few things about change...
change is necessary - change is important - change helps us grow
i look at scenic glory and all that it has become since i published my first post back in november of 2010 and i see an unbelievable history that i am so honored to have shared, but at the same time desire something new...something that portrays me and this amazing journey of life that i am currently living and about to embark on.

i feel as though i have "abandoned" scenic glory and my desire is to get back to the basics of what this space was originally intended to be - a design + inspiration blog.
in the coming month i am excited to announce that scenic glory will become just this...a place to share my love for design, the things i create, beautiful details that inspire me and i hope will inspire others.

but what i am most excited about is the personal lifestyle side that gradually found it's way in to scenic glory throughout the last year. this side will have a new home - a space that i have named.

i am her
candid musings + photographs from the life of a ginger girl

with the introduction of  the new scenic glory will also come the introduction of this little gem of mine.  i look forward to sharing and putting my heart & soul back into the things i love so dearly.



  1. How wonderful. I look forward to you new blog and also keeping up on Scenic Glory as well!

    Change is hard, we know that very well here in our family too. We are going through changes in our family as two of our daughters have or are moving/moved out of state. One to Austria and one to California (we are in WA state)
    We also are going through a lot of changes in our church home...but, change is good. It is a journey and we need to embrace it!

    Love you sweetie.

  2. Yay!! Can't wait doll, I've missed you! *muwah*

  3. Yay! I'm excited for you!!! xoxo

  4. SO HAPPY FOR YOU LOVE!! :) You are so so gorgeous. xo

  5. There is a time for everything, a season for certain things,
    and things evolve over time, and you have arrived at that
    place in your blogging journey, and I can't wait to see
    what transpires, i know it will be beautiful, that's a given.

  6. Well I know I have missed you! MUAH!

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