on finding happiness.

this last year has been nothing short of a journey. a life changing journey.
i have grown in ways i never thought possible. 
i found strength in myself that i never knew existed.
i discovered that time really does heal. even that of a broken heart.

through this i have learned an invaluable lesson on happiness.

happiness...is not defined by another person. true happiness, is found when in your own company.
being alone and finding what it is within yourself that makes living life truly remarkable.

when you find your own true happiness, that's when the unexpected starts to happen...
amazing people begin to find their way into your life.
maybe for just a moment or maybe for an eternity, but either way they will find you.
it's these people that will see your own happiness and bring it to new heights.
it's these people that you will grow, learn and laugh with.
it's these people that will remind you why finding your happiness first was worth it.

find it. feel it. be it.
it's the greatest gift you could ever receive.


  1. I agree Lindsay, you worded it so perfectly;)

    Typically in the darkness is where better vision grows, and new growth takes place and new life--you are experiencing that, and it's beautiful!

    you are an inspiration!

  2. So beautful. So glad to see that you are slowly finding your happiness again.

  3. So glad you are doing well. I know you have been through a lot. Keep going girl. And call me so we can catch up! I won't even bug you about blog stuff! HA! :)