sweet south carolina.

well hello friday...you snuck right up on me.  i've been spending my day dreaming myself away to sweet south carolina.  i visited the beautiful town of greenville a month ago (so sorry it took awhile to share a few of my favorite photographs) and haven't stopped thinking about that lovely place ever since.  it was love at first sight...i think the feeling was mutual.

the town of charleston is calling my name...i feel it pulling at my heartstrings - i have never been, but from the pictures and conversations i have had, it seems like just the place for me.  i think a trip this summer is in order...something about old pastel homes with matching shutters gives me all kinds of butterflies.

tonight, i'm off to the ballpark.  a red & white candy striped dress, peanuts & cracker jacks...this girl has it made!  happy weekend loves.

xo lindsay


  1. The photo of the umbrellas is something you would see on a postcard or something, :b

  2. I think it would be lovely if we coordinated our grandma visits some time! One reason being that we should maybe meet in real life one day. Also, I was dying to do a shoot in downtown.. That Coke mural was especially calling my name! I think you would make a lovely subject to photograph!