dreamy. my love for carnival rides.

happy monday.  my weekend was filled with plenty of rest and a little adventure park fun.  when i saw they had a county fair section my heart skipped a beat and my little penelope (my trusty camera) didn't catch a break. the site of a carnival ride instantly takes me to a place of magic, whimsy and dreams come true.  i wanted the end photo to embody all of these things...and a little something extra.

i was also inspired by this wonderful music video by dave matthews band - crash into me...it is pure beauty don't you think?

i hope i am able to capture the beauty in every photo i take just like this...i love the story.  i love the adventure.  i love the dream.

xo lindsay


  1. Gorgeous Pics & Of course amazing song! Love me some DMB.. :)

  2. Your pics look straight out of a story book!! Love it :)

    Steph at http://mycreativebrightside.blogspot.com

  3. I love this song!!! One of my all-time favorites :D

  4. What a video - and great song too!
    I adore these photos, they are soooooo full of magic I love it!


  5. i am new here. i love finding my enraptured in such simple things many take for granted too... such great pics..