remembering mr. sendak

rough sketch created by me just this year

he took children's books to a different level.  i can remember first reading where the wild things are.  i was captivated by the story but even more captivated by his amazing illustrations.  his work motivated me to pick up a pencil and begin drawing again...i'm certain he did this for many.

so today, let us all have a day filled with adventure...


  1. Awww R.I.P...I have to watch this movie tonight...Thanks Mr. Sendak for the adventures!

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  2. Sendak's stories and illustrations are an absolute inspiration and always have been for me - when he published his newest (and I guess last...) book Bumble Ardy just in the past year I was sooo excited. I can only dream of illustrating stories and having as much impact as he did.
    RIP. My heart is really heavy today.


  3. Oh no, rest in peace, Mr. Sendak and thank you for all these wonderful books that my daughter and I love so dearly! Where the Wild Things are is one of our absolute favorites! Thank you! xxx