hello earthfood experiment readers!  my name is lindsay and i come from a little corner of the blogging world i call scenic glory.  what originally was intended to be used as an online portfolio of window display creations and graphic design projects, quickly turned in to something so much more than i could have ever imagined.

every day i am inspired by the people of the blogging community...i have never been more motivated to dream big and live life to the fullest.  i see and appreciate day to day happenings without question and find happiness in even the smallest of things...like the color red, small buttons, wooden hangers, old postage stamps, etc.

i am the kind of girl who see's the beauty in all things...believe me i have the pictures to prove it.  when i'm feeling a little down i find my favorite dress in my closet, pop on some red lipstick and remind myself that life is too short to stop living - every day should be a fun day (hence the dress and lipstick!!)

i hope one day you find the time to step into my world for a minute or two...i would love to see your corner as well.  let's inspire, create, and live with each other!  xo, lindsay

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