this month has just flown right by me...it seems like it passed in just a wink.  my weeks have been filled with design creations, dinner dates with the mister, lunch dates with my besties, finalizing plans for our scarlet & cream mobile dessert trailer, and a little guitar playing.  my favorite tunes as of late...anything beatles.  i have always been a fan, but these british men have really put a smile on my face while working in the studio :)  XO

p.s.  i'm currently listening to hey jude...just thought i would let you know.
p.s.s.  aren't those restaurant paintings fab? 


  1. Hey Jude always makes me so happy, I can't "na na na nananana" along with them.

  2. Oops I meant "can't not" haha

  3. The Beatles are awesome! One of the local classic rock stations plays 2 hours of it every Sunday morning so my dad and I listen on our way to mass. Perfection! :D