a jewelry maker, a crochet girl and a vintage violet shop!

well hello!! remember me?!?  i apologize for my silence last week...i had a nasty stomach bug that kept me on the couch almost all week...although our great dane loved the company, i on the other hand was completely bored out of my mind and am happy to be back on my feet!

i have a few lovely ladies i would like to introduce to you today :) i think you will absolutely, positively adore them just as much as i do!  so click around, spread some love and let these girls know you stopped by to visit!  XO
Hello! I'm Rachel of La Belle Vie. My jewelry is inspired by nature with a tribal/bohemian theme and I love to create using natural materials like wood, leather, feathers and stones.

what are you most looking forward to in 2012?
what am I most looking forward to in 2012? - Hopefully starting college, I'm going for cosmetology, getting a job and maybe being able to buy a car by 2013 :) My brother in law was accepted into Columbia university, So they (my oldest sister, brother in law and my two little nieces) Will be moving to New York around the new year! And then just life in general :) Can't wait to see what 2012 has in store for me :)

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I work at Trader Joe’s with my husband by day and crochet whimsical things to wear whenever I’m not there. I got back into crocheting about a year and a half ago and before I knew it I had a shop and was shipping my little creations all over the place. Whenever I sell something I am both happy and sad... happy because it is exciting to know someone likes what you make and sad because I don’t get to keep the item (just kidding... mostly). Each sale gets me and my mister one step closer to a trip we’ve been talking about for many years.

what are you most looking forward to in 2012?
In 2012 I am very much looking forward to jumping into the craft fair scene! 2012 will also be the year that my husband graduates from college and we plan a great trip to New Zealand, Australia and as much of Europe as our bank account allows. I am hoping to create a couple new things for my shop and can’t wait to use the money I make on Etsy to buy our plane tickets in a couple months!

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Hi, I am Gina and I am a child of God, a Wife, a Mother of a teenage daughter, an owner of a 
cute little apricot Bichon-Poo, and a Writer who hopes to finish a book someday. I started blogging
because I have always felt like I have wanted to share things, but the more I blog and the older I get
I have learned it's because I love the connection with people. I am intentional about looking for the beauty in all things, even the things or people you would think there would be no beauty to be found. It's there.  I like to share my perspectives, a craft here and there, and my humble daily life. An interesting fact about me is that I've been thrifting since gradeschool!
what are you most looking forward to in 2012?
The first accomplishment in 2012 already was opening up my Etsy shop, The Vintage Violet Shop. I will be using my gift of finding all things vintage and selling them! It's something I can do from home because I am unable to work due to an illness, so it's a beautiful thing!


  1. Nice to meet them! :) cant wait to check them out

  2. Looking forward to meeting these other ladies :) thanks lindsay, so glad you are feeling better!