currently loving - vol.2

all photo sources can be found HERE!

from left to right...
- this UP photo is absolutely amazing!  i wish matthew & i lived close to the home that was built in utah...it was built inside and out just like the house from the movie UP.  makes me want to have one of our own :)

- vintage books are so fabulous.  they are my favorite decorative item to have around our home.

- i so badly want a his and hers old fashioned bicycle for the mister and i.  perhaps when we get them we can have a photo shoot like this :)

- classic cars!  what's not to love?!  the 50's & 60's models make me especially giddy :)

- old luggage...we have a few vintage luggage pieces and every time we use them i wonder to myself where else they have been throughout their life.  my samsonite train case (now make up holder) is my favorite.  i've had it for almost a year and it still smells of ladies perfume (yes the old lady kind) and i hope it sticks around forever.

- this floral tea cup is so pretty.  or maybe i love it because a handsome young man is the one using it?  either way it's lovely!

- ahh...i simply adore this "fly away with me" dessert table.  i don't know about you but i am a sucker for dessert tables.  add vintage inspired elements and hot air balloons on top of it and i am sure to be there :)

what are you loving these days?  XO, lindsay


  1. Lovely photos! I love classic cars and vintage luggage!

    Angela | PoodlePoddles

  2. Such happy photos, love them all!

  3. DARLING picks as usual!!! Thanks for sharing these delish finds with us! I need to do this more often! I'm too "serious" sometimes, and I need to just have fun looking for these sorts of things!

  4. such a lovely collection :)

  5. Oh my good god that Up house is perfect. Nothing will suffice now! xx

  6. great finds!! loving all of them especially the old books and the bikes! uh oh, and the luggage!! :)

  7. Right now I'm really loving old records and anything I can find at my grandparent's house...like typewriters and vintage suitcases. All these photos are really darling and kind of magical. I feel like I want to jump into them and live there for a bit:)