retro beauty

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happy monday!  i hope you lovelies had a great weekend.  i can't believe it is august already...where in the world does the time go? 

anyways, today i thought i would start the week off with some retro beauties.  my favorite is the photograph of the girl in her blue and white polka dot two piece with the yellow umbrella...which is your favorite?

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  1. Happy Monday! I love the picture of the girl by the car... it seems so natural! Sea Marie

  2. what a great collection of retro beauties! My favorites are the first one...icecream and 3 girls :) reminds me of me & my 2 sisters! :) And the photo of the girl with the sweet scallop shorts on that FANTASTIC bike...that bike's color is perfect :)

    happy monday beautiful lindsay!

  3. I love these photos- so glamorous!

    I really want a blue and white polka-dotted bikini! Hehe :)

    Happy Monday, and Happy August!

  4. i love big, retro sunnies! i don't think i have any normal sized sunglasses.

    love, little.

  5. I also like the blue polka dot bikini! :)

  6. The outfits in the first picture are so so lovely!

  7. The first with the 3 gals is my fav!