winding down and a new feature!

the week is coming to a close and i think i'm going to wind down a little early.  my mister took the day off so we're going to spend some quality time together and then i have a happy hour sushi date with one of my besties at 4!

also, i am super excited about a new feature that i will introduce next week called - inside the picnic basket

matthew and i love to eat (really who doesn't?!?)...he has always been the cook in the household, but now i want to give it a try - let's just consider it a new hobby.  i will be creating and sharing recipes, taking pictures and documenting it all in this new feature.  let's just hope it is not one big kitchen disaster - then again that might make it more interesting! 

have a great weekend friends. XO, lindsay


  1. sounds good, can't wait for the new feature! have a nice weekend too.


  2. I love your features and I love food so this is going to be amazing :) have a great weekend!
    nadiine-x ♥

  3. sorry blogger is making me be anonymous.... Stopping by from A CREATIVE SPIRIT. love the idea of sushi happy hour and can't wait to see the new feature... I too love to eat.

    Be sure to stop by http://www.acreativespirit.com/2011/07/its-time-for-giveaway.html to enter my giveaway.

  4. What a great idea! I just recently picked up a pretty awesome picnic basket (with unused plastic plates/silverware/mugs) from the thrift store for $4! I'm really excited to go out and have a picnic after my husband and I move.

  5. That sounds really good! I love trying out new things, so I can't wait to stop by again to see what you come up with :)

  6. Sounds like a lovely day!!!

    Also, I'm not the cook in the family either - Jen is! So I am super excited to hear about this, as I really would love to become more skilled in the kitchen. ^_^ (Though Jen's food is ahMAZING!)

  7. how is this picture even possible - i am having a good laugh! and i look forward to your kitchen adventures!