the happiness project :: link up :: - week #1

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at the beginning of the year i talked about my inspiration to create my own happiness project for 2011 after reading the amazing book written by gretchin rubin.  unfortunately, life took over...i began working from home, building my shop and suddenly my happiness project flew out the window.

over the last few months i have been figuring out how to balance work, being a good wife and friend and my overall happiness...i think now is a great time to reintroduce my happiness project and i am inviting you all to join me on this journey.  

i will focus on a new goal each week and document my progress in a post the following week (and also share with you my newest goal).  i hope you all will link up and share your own goals for your happiness project!  i can't wait to get started.  here is what i will be working on this week...

i have always thought the a cluttered home is a cluttered mind.  we are in serious need of decluttering.  although i do not believe i can take care of this goal in one week, this is why it is the first on my list so i can continue to work on it for as long as i need!  i'll be back next week with my progress!

what would you like to do this week for your happiness project?  link up your goal and share your progress next thursday in week #2's link up!



  1. Woohoo I need this! Great idea :) Just got my happiness project up on my blog. Thanks Lindsay!


  2. LOVE this. so perfect for my life. I am moving so i am going to incorporate declutter and make this move a positive thing instead of the dreaded thing that it is right now!
    :) Bobbie

  3. oh i love this idea! I am definitely going to take part. I think my goal this week is to incorporate exercise into my life again ~ it makes me feel so much better and happier, but once i get out of the habit [like now] i find it hard to remotivate myself!
    will come and post the link when i've done it! x

  4. This is FANTASTIC! I am seriously so excited. Thank you for doing this!