to make love stay

I started blogging around 2004, when my now-husband was in the Army. I found a ton of fellow Army girlfriends, who I still am friends with now! I've done it on and off since then but started up again seriously a few months ago.

I started past blogs to connect with people and to have somewhere I could write.  My most recent blog was mostly motivated by my love of writing, but also because the blogging community seemed like a really awesome one to be a part of.

I love that I can be really honest in my posts, particularly about marriage and my struggles with anxiety and depression.  I always get a ton of support from people, and many tell me that they can relate as well. I have two favorite posts, one that focused on my and my husband's struggles with PTSD, and another on appreciating the people you love.

My husband and I frolic around with our dog, Cypress.  I'm also a photographer in addition to my day job as a Software Consultant.  I also like reading, watching movies and reruns of old TV shows, taking baths, and exercising.

I think the 1910s or 20s. A very interesting time to be alive, lots of changes and interesting things going on.  Plus the clothes were badass.

Pretty Little Mustache, TART, Scenic Glory (of course), Deer Donna, and I love you to the moon.

i have had the pleasure to know caitlin through the blogging world for the last few months now.  she is without a doubt one of the sweetest finds you will ever come across.  be sure to stop by and send her your love...i know she'll return the favor.

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  1. Ooo, this is a WONDERFUL interview! I'm excited to stop by Caitlin's blog, she sounds wonderful. :D