my beautiful disaster

I started blogging last fall and I've been in love with it since!  Such a fantastic hobby.

I initially started my blog to keep in touch with family and friends abroad.  I was very inspired by  blogs I was reading at time and I thought to myself, "well, I can do that too!"  Since then it's grown and I've made so many amazing blog friends along the way.

I love posting about the daily adventures of my life, and of course I take lots and lots of photos.  I own too many cameras and take at least one with me wherever I go.  As for a favourite post...anything filed under Photos & Cameras.  Oh, and this one was one of my earlier posts and describes the odd things that happen at my apartment building very well...The Idiots At My Apartment: A Photo Essay.

When I'm not blogging, I love photography, along with shooting and editing my own videos.  (I work at a TV station, hence the interest).  I also love hanging out with my boyfriend and 2 year old boy, writing letters, thrifting, visiting my family in the country, plus about a hundred other hobbies.

If I could live in another decade, I have to say the '60s.  I fell in love with this decade back in high school and adore everything about it...the cultural change, the fashion, music...I love it all.

Honestly, there are so many blogs I love to read....Blogs I love (besides Lindsay's!) would be Artichoke Designs, Love Elycia, Atlantic Atlantis, Pugly Pixel, and loads more.

erin is one of the sweetest souls i know out there in the blogging world.  her beautiful blog is a perfect representation of her and her awesome personality.  from the whimsical designs to the stunning photographs i believe her corner will quickly become one of your favorites!  XO


  1. Definitely going to check out her blog! Sea Marie

  2. Yay, I love her blog! She is delightful, and such a unique voice :) She's definitely on my Daily Reads list!