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Hello! I'm Danielle and I blog at Changing Lanes. I left a career in the financial world :: to stay at home with my three.littles. I began to blog several months ago ~ as a way to document our growing family.

Blogging has turned from a occasional hobby, to my own (at.home) business venture. I am sharing my love for vintage through an online Etsy shop, am working on an up.cycled product line and have most recently partnered with popular blogger Casey.Wiegand to provide blog design services.

When I am not blogging, I realistically spend most of my time cleaning up after my.littles. But, we do attempt to pack in as much fun as possible. Park.Pool.Baseball.Dollies.Doggies.Thrift.Music + much more! 

Since I totally have a crush on vintage, I adore that Lindsay asked what other decade I would live in (if I could.) Easy.one. The Jazz Age. I pass by the home of F.Scott & Zelda Fitzgerald every day. I am often compared to Daisy from The Great Gatsby. As I walk around the giant Oaks in our home.town, Zelda's home.town ~ I often wonder if I am :: where she was. Maybe so.

Keeping with the vintage.theme ~ My daily blog lists consists of  Bluebird Vintage, Smile and Wave, Frecklewonder + 2 newbies for me are A Bit of Sunshine and Rockstar Diaries. 

miss danielle is such a beautiful soul with an amazing talent all around.  i admire her hard work and determination to fulfill her passion and dreams from wherever she is!!  be sure to stop by and visit her amazing corner!

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  1. What a lovely interview!!! I can imagine living in the Jazz Age would have been beautiful both for the eyes, ears AND the soul. :D