my name is kaitlyn and i have been blogging for two point five years! (im pretty sure blog years are like dog years so i'm feeling ancient already, lol). 

i was inspired to create my blog when i met an inspirational group of woman at graduate school. they were using their blogs to share art, photographs and fashion inspiration. i felt so enlightened each time i read them so i started one of my own! i consider my blog an "art blog" and i share a lot of contemporary art, mail art and images of the stationery i create 

my favourite post is "ten questions to ask yourself when looking at art"

when i'm not blogging i'm crafting and when i'm not crafting i'm working in the real world, at an art gallery.

there's no doubt about it, if i could live in any other decade it would be the fifties - for fashion reasons mostly

i spend a lot of time reading blogs but i think my favourites are "the jealous curator" and "oh so beautiful paper"

for those of you that aren't familiar with kaitlyn of isavirtue, you must visit her and catch up on some things that you have been missing.  this lovely lady is so full of bright ideas, extremely talented and an amazing artist!  you will be happy that you stopped by!!  so go...now :) XO, lindsay

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  1. this is probably the most aesthetically beautiful feature post i have EVER SEEN.

    i feel like your pet these past few days...you are being so sweet to me!