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Chelsea is an easygoing and creative marine scientist! Her passion for the ocean expands beyond her career and into her artsy hobbies. She is originally from East Texas but has spent the past 5 years of her life in Indialantic, FL were she studied marine science. Chelsea is about to expand her career to Puerto Rico where she will begin her Ph.D. She has been blogging for about 2 years and loves sharing her inspirations with her readers.

If I could live in another decade, I would choose the 1960s because I have that free spirit ideal of that time. My parents always told me I was a flower child :)

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hi lovelies! it's che', i'm a twenty-something from hawai'i who is trying to chase dreams and live life one day at a time. i've been blogging for a little over a year now and i absolutely love the community of friends i have gathered here.

if i could live in any other decade i would choose the 1940's. i have always been a lover of all things romance and although every decade has it's own take on love, the 1940's have always made me want to be super romantic. 

I am Nataly! I hail from Dallas, TX. I have lived in Dallas my whole life. I am a jewelry maker, lover of all things vintage & owl collector.  I started my blog in May of 2011- I am new to the blog world, but I do love it! I love being able to share my life and loves with people who are interested in the same things I am!
I would have loved to live during the roaring 20s. I love the fashion (flapper dresses) and the innosence during the 20s. I also love the jazz/dance music that came from this period. I think I would have fit in just perfect! 

Hey there, my name is Romantic Savy. Okay, Okay...so that is not my real name, but it's what I go by. I started blogging in August of 2010 and it was one of the best "spur of the moment" decisions I have made. I was sitting at work, realizing how much I really didn't like what I was doing, and I decided to start writing. I have always loved to write and when it came time to decide what to write about, there was never any doubt. I love everything to do with weddings, love and romance. I am a complete romantic and after marrying my high school sweetheart on July 23, 2010, I realized that I was filled with ideas and advice about planning a wedding. Along with my wedding posts, I also write "Romantic Rambles" and occasionally post gift ideas. I have met so many wonderful people and I absolutely love the online friendships you create through blogging. It is my hope to take my blog to the next level with a wedding boutique and possibly a wedding advice book. I would love to be a published author and it's something I hope will one day come true for me. Make sure to stop by for wedding pictures, tips and advice as well as dating ideas and marriage tips. Look for my inspirational and sometimes sassy "Romantic Rambles". Hope to see you there! 
If I could live in another decade, I think I would choose the fifties. I love the poodle skirts and leather jackets; put me in the movie Grease and call it a day.  I would have loved to have live then and see the world from a more innocent, stress free angle. Not to mention that I am a huge, obsessive Elvis fan and no telling how many concerts I would have tried to attend. I love the fashion, the hairstyles and the music from the 50's. I'm from South Louisiana and we love to "let to the good times roll." This Southern Belle would have shaken up the 50's for sure!


  1. oh, prettyful.....nice feature as always lovely!!! xo

  2. love this feature! i'm going to go and meet all these lovely ladies!