road trip - visiting australia with love never fails

Hey everyone! How ya going? {Aussie slang for "how are ya?"}
Sam here. Nice to meet-cha! 

I'm typically over here at Love Never Fails, blogging about anything and everything. However, our lovely little Lindsay is on a MUCH NEEDED vaca and she asked me to jump on over here and say hello to you all today! What an honor it is for sure. Thanks Linds for this amazing opportunity :) 

So, now that the intro is over... I gotta ask... Do you guys like museums? I never really was a big fan. I've always thought they were 'interesting' but never something that I haaaaad to do. Until about a month ago anyway. My friend invited me to attend this with her...

She was working there for the night and she was pretty important, so of course, that meant I was important too! (not really, but hey.. a girl can dream).
Coolest museum EVER! We had so much fun listening to new and upcoming music, wandering through the ancient years, sipping on a lot glass of wine... It was a top night. Come check out all the cool thingies we saw! 
PS... Warning: Picture overload.

I think it's safe to say that I'm kinda a museum nerd now. I wanna go to as many as I can; so much history and creativity. It was nothing short of breathtaking!

Thanks for letting me relive my awesome time with you guys. It's been fun! Come on over to Love Never Fails and say hello :) I'd love to meet-cha!

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