road trip - visiting australia with love never fails

Oi! How ya goin' today mate?! 
My name is Sam from Love Never Fails &
I'm coming to you live from the land down under, 
For those of you who don't know my story, I'm just a wee-little college student from down south in America, trying to leave my mark (and pass a few classes) in this amazing country! My journey began in February and will sadly end in June. It's been the best 5ish months of my entire life. I can't even begin to describe how blessed I am. 

BUT ENOUGH ABOUT THAT. Today, I'm here to help educate you on a new language. Yes, the language of "Australian English". 

When learning to speak Australian, there are a few things I would suggest first.
  • Move your mouth as little as possible. 
  • ER at the end of a word is pronounced as A.
  • Cut out as many letters of a word as possible.
  • Do not ever say say, "Let's put another shrimp on the barbie." You will be thrown out of the country. K, not really, but NO ONE says that here. 
  • No one actually says crikey either. Sorry Steve Irwin (RIP).
Some lingo:
(Word - Meaning-  Description)              

HEAPS- lots of; in excess. Australian's use this word like it's going out of fashion. They say it all the time! Example, "there are heaps of gorgeous men in Australia!"

KEEN- excited, down for it, interested in, etc. It also has no real definition. 
Example, "I'm keen to go out tonight!"

ARVO- afternoon. Self explanatory.

GOON- boxed wine. Uni students drink goon 24-7 because it is the largest amount of alcohol for the cheapest price. Goon tastes like crap- so they mix it with juice and call it goose (goon-juice).

JUMPER- sweater. Self explanatory.

THONGS- flip flops. When Australian's say we have lost our thongs it doesn't mean that they have a huge wedgie- it means they have misplaced our flip flops.  
Just a side note: our thong is called a "g-string".

BOGAN- Redneck, not the brightest crayon in the box
Example, "Man he is dressed like a bogan!"

UNI- University, campus, school. 
Example, "Man I have heaps of Uni work to do."

Well, there ya have it kids. Just a few fun lines you can use the next time you meet an Aussie :) Thanks for spending some time with me today and I hope we get to play again soon! 


  1. also, if someone's taking you out and buying you a drink they say that its "their shout"!

    imagine my surprise when i first starting dating luke.

    "sure, buy me a drink. don't have to shout."


  2. awesome post! I am suprised how many of these words have I already known!

    Good luck on your journey :)

  3. What an adventure!! loved those photos :)

    HA! goodness, i want to start saying keen...maybe i'll start it up here in Utah ;)

    And good to know to never say the "throwing shrimp on the barbie" thing...i have said that a time or two ;)

  4. gosh i want to travel one day...i've been to brazil back when i was a teenager and LOVED it
    ....i seriously would take a row boat there if i could...

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