my day so far...in photos!

i am trying my hardest to capture the every day things in my life with photos.  i find that when i have my camera i discover the beauty in things more frequently and i love it!  here's a few shots of the beginning of my friday :)

isn't this antique radio beautiful?  our good friend is moving some things out of his house and gifted this baby to us.  he bought it at an estate sale not too long ago for $1.00  yes you read that right...one dollar!!

i will be glued to the computer for most of the afternoon finishing up some design projects and hope to get some more jewelry for the shop made this evening.  tomorrow matthew and i are going to the omaha zoo and i am SO excited because i will be meeting a fabulous blogger friend, meg from twisted tree!  yay :)  sunday we're going to a baseball game and monday a cook out with friends.  should be a wonderful memorial day weekend...i hope it is for you as well :)  love you all XO, lindsay


  1. The radio is very lovely! and only $1 wow! I love the glass with the flowers it is so beautiful

  2. OMG $1 for the radio!? thats a steal... wow. its beautiful too...