road trip around the world - visting norway with my bookness

Greetings from the Kingdom of Norway!

I'm Piril Maria, and I'm the author of "My Bookness". I'm from the little country way up north called Norway, born and raised here. When I was asked to do a guest post here I said yes, grabbed my camera and ran out the door. Took a little road trip in the capital Oslo so that I could share it with the wonderful readers of "Scenic Glory". Got some quickies about Norway as well.
  • We're 4,9 million people living in Norway. 
  • We got a long coastline, lot's of fish and our biggest resource oil. 
  • The Norwegians fjords is and the north light is a must see!
  • We speak Norwegian, some people say it sounds like we're singing when talking, just to give you an idea of our language. 
  • The government is unitary parliamentary democracy and constitutional monarchy, to make it easy, we got a Prime Minister and a Royal Family with the King on the throne. 
  • Our biggest talk is about the weather, the best subject to choose to start a conversation with a Norwegian person. 
  • Norwegians LOVE to take a walk outside and be healthy. 
  • We eat waffles to breakfast, lunch and dinner. With brown cheese. 
  • Norwegians are not very polite, we prefer to be direct and honest, no matter what consequences might be. If someone acts polite around us, we get suspicious and start to investigate. 
  • Norwegians was born with ski on their feet. The biggest most popular winter sport. 
  • In our conversations we use irony a lot, but carefully around foreigners, you guys don't get our humor. 
  • We got an unwritten rule called "the Jante Law", look it up. You're not better than anyone else, it says. 
  • Norwegians are always good. Ask me how I am, I'll say I'm fine. Always. 
  • Last but not least, we're very patriotic. Love to see our flag wave in the wind and hear nice things about our country. 

That's it. I've got plenty more, but I wouldn't want to bore you to sleep. I was honored to be able to share this with you guys. Let us all hope Lindsay enjoys her vacation and cross our fingers for plenty of photos from it. She is amazing!

So nice to meet you all, and hope to write to you soon again. 
Have a great day lovely people!
Loveness from me at "My Bookness".


  1. That was a great guest post, I love the pictures!

    Now I'm craving waffles. :/

  2. I love Norway! I passed through when I travelled Europe! Great Post x

  3. You seem polite though!
    Nice post and incredible pictures! WOWOOOWOOW! Love all of them...

    Have a great day!

    Janette, the Jongleur

    PS. Wait.. What's brown cheese?

  4. goodness she makes me want to take a trip to Norway! :) What LOVELY photos! That fountain is gorgeous...reminds me of a dandelion :)

    And someday I want to see the northern lights with my Adam! wouldn't that be so romantic :)

    PS - Piril is gorgeous! and i have a crush on her hat ;)

  5. Norwegians are not polite & get suspicious if people are polite to them! I had NO idea : ) Such an interesting fun post!
    These pictures are absolutely stunning and you are gorgeous : )

  6. I would love to visit Norway! Beautiful pictures!

    Mandy @ shebreathesdeeply.com

  7. This place looks beautiful! I would love a waffle right now ;) xo

  8. I love her outfit! And those waffles look decadent, I'd love to visit Norway someday..

  9. Amazing photos! EVen though Norway is my neighbour-country I learned some new things, I had no idea they liked waffles so much! :)

  10. My great-grandfather was from Norway, so I've always felt something of an attachment to the country. In fact, I traveled there when I was 20 and booked it cross-country. What a majestic, awe-inspiring place. To take it one step further, I named my son, Aksel.

    Oh, and I like the honest/direct bit. I was wondering where I acquired that trait... :)

    Baby Talk without the Babble