what's in your makeup case? - contest details

do you think your make up collection is the most swoonworthy?  if you do, then you'll want to enter this contest!  here's how it works!!

:: on tuesday, april 19th i will post a link up for the contest ::
:: link up and share your make up collection on your blog ::
:: be as creative as you want... there are no rules ::
:: the contest will be open until friday, april 22nd ::
:: if your collection gets the most votes you're the winner ::

the winner of this contest will receive one of my favorite eye color palettes that i have in my own makeup case from urban decay

the vegan palette

most of you know that i am a vegetarian and because of this i am conscientious of the things i use on a daily basis, especially make up.  urban decay does not promote animal testing of any kind and this particular palette is 100% vegan which means no part of it contains animal substances.  AWESOME! 

not only that, these colors are completely amazing and i am excited to share this fabulous product with the winner :)

so start snapping some pictures of your swoonworthy makeup collection and get ready to participate on tuesday!! XO


  1. What a lovely contest! Cant wait to enter!

  2. Can't wait to enter! I would always love some more makeup!! I mean if I win and all... hehe

  3. This is so funny. The post I had intended to come out today (instead will go out tomorrow) is a sneak peak into my make up storage, a gift from mum and sis.

  4. Great contest! The colours in that palette look lovely xo

  5. I LOVE those colours. I may just enter. YAY!!! Have a great weekend friend! xoxo

  6. The contents of my makeup case spilled out all over the car floor this morning; not a pretty sight, definitely not photogenic at the moment.

    Something tells me I need help!


  7. oooh man I WISH I had an awesome makeup collection now. alas! well at least i'll be able to get some tips/inspiration from the girls who enter :)

  8. i don't think my make up bag is very swoon worthy, but this set would make it that much closer to being cool! i'll enter anyway, for fun!

  9. Hi there! I gave you the Kreativ Blogger Award, visit my blog for more info! :) Hope you have a wonderful day! <3

  10. What a cute idea. Love your blog and I'm not following!