words from the wise - the wise fortune cookie that is ♥

this one made me smile :) do any of you hang on to good fortunes?  which ones do you remember?


  1. ... in bed. you gotta end all fortunes with "in bed" :) makes them better.

  2. On my first date with Beau, my fortune was

    "Your new love is already very near you."

    It really freaked me out.
    But, of course, I kept it and now we really are in love! yay! =)

    Yours is great! I usually get lame ones now!

  3. Oh what a perfect fortune for you miss.

    I always keep my good fortunes. The last one I got said...

    "you will always be finacially stable". Man I sure hope that little fortune cookie is right... {especially since things are looking bad for our state and for the University I work at...bleh! Rumor is I could be out of work sometime this year if stuff doesn't get figured out.} boooo!

  4. What a great fortune! I keep them - is kind of a thing of mine...they are all kind of special...
    Happy Weekend!

  5. I keep one in my pattern/sketch binder that says

    "Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness"

    I look at it when I'm beyond frustrated and ready to give up on designing and sewing and remember the things I love about being a fashion major. It reminds me that not everyone gets to wake up and do what they love everyday, and I am blessed to be able to do so.

  6. I just add in bed to each fortune. I know that is so bad. But this is an awesome fortune and it's true.

  7. I have a little box of all my favorite fortunes that I've gotten over the years. This one perfectly suits you because it's so true. You're very inspirational Lindsay and so you are inspiring everyday!


  8. Came over through blog hopping, glad to have found your lovely blog. I absolutely love your artwork and the previous piece with the water coloured birds is simply stunning.

    Have a great weekend, CJ xx

  9. I just got one the other day saying my dreams would shine in a new adventure or something like that!! AKA, Australia haha!

    I miss you very much and pretty much love you to pieces!

  10. I do hang on to good fortunes! At least for awhile. I got one recently that said something like, Don't strive to be someone else. Figure out who you are and then strive to be the perfect YOU! I thought it was a great one!