love letters - week two!

hello friends and happy valentines day :) today is week two of the love letters series and i do believe that valentine's day is the best day to share your love letters don't you?

I will be adding mine a little later today to this post, but in the meantime if you have your love letters ready please go ahead and link up!  i can't wait to see them :)  i hope you all have a beautiful and magical valentine's day friends ♥

XOXO lindsay


  1. I love reading all these love letters ♥ We decided to dedicate ours to our lovely friends! Friends, like you :)
    xxx mervi

  2. This is such a neat idea! I'm doing a giveaway on my blog if you are interested in a freebie do drop by!! Have a lovely Valentine's Day!


  3. You have a really nice blog! Love it!

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    thank you so much!


  4. Love your blog designs. You have such a talent to putting peoples personalities in their blog! You are very talented! I love love letters too. There's something so fun about them! Thanks for posting! =)