create something project - week 3 - vintage suitcase turned keepsake box

hello lovelies!  it's week 3 of the create something project.  be sure to stop by the garden of eden designs and my best friend jules to see what they created and be sure to link up your creations as well :)

this week i was i wanted to take some time to create a pretty space to display some vintage postcards that matthew and i have been storing the last 6 months.  at our wedding we had a guest table filled with blank vintage postcards.  we asked each of our guests to write us a message that we could look back on throughout our marriage.

this is what i created...

it was nothing too difficult.  i just used a vintage suitcase that i found at an antique shop and dressed it up with some paper that i stitched together, doilies and clothespins.  it fit perfectly on top of our antique china hutch.  now we can read the wonderful words of friends and family that were written on our wedding day.

okay friends, it's your turn to share your recent creations.  link up and share :) xo, lindsay


  1. Awesome! I love the postcard idea for the wedding. And what a great way to showcase them! We had our guests write on little pieces of cardstock that eventually if I ever get around to it will be a part of our wedding scrapbook. I wanted to be able to mix them with our pictures. I want to get married again to use everyone's cool ideas!

  2. Such a cute idea. You are so creative. Hmmm I wonder what I can create.

  3. Love this project! Great creation:-)

    Found you through Love is Everywhere . . . and I need a blog makeover!

    Blog: www.memorybeandesigns.blogspot.com

  4. I am a FTLOB pal and have to tell you what a beautiful blog you have! I am a new follower because I don't want to miss anymore of your loveliness!

  5. It's lovely Lindsay!
    Hope you had a wonderful day!
    Hugs xxx

  6. Oh wow. I LOVE this!

    It makes me want to scrap my whole idea of notes meant for 5, 10, and 20 years after we're married and replace it all with postcards of the places we love!

  7. what a lovely idea! this is such a great way to display all those sweet words and memories. love it!