question mark - a little Q and A session ♥ part 1

hello again lovelies!  about a week ago i did a post opening it up to any and all questions that you wanted to ask me.  i received several questions about me and my life in general and a few others that were more blog specific design and HTML related.

i decided to break these questions up a bit.  i will have a few posts that answer your more general questions and i will have a dedicated post to the more technical blog related stuff.

here are some of my responses to your questions....i had so much fun answering these :)

what made you interested in design?
wow this is a great question.  i would say that i first started getting really interested in graphic design when i started college in 2004.  my dad bought me a brand new imac and put all of the adobe software on it.  i started tinkering with photoshop immediately. 

when i began college i majored in advertiseing which then changed to business marketing.  two years ago i made the switch to graphic design and i haven't looked back since.  i definitely found my true love ♥

what was the first project you ever finished?

there have been so many little projects that i have worked on here and there, but my first BIG project was definitely our wedding invitations.  i posted a few images of them here a few weeks back.

where does your inspiration come from?
another great question that i have been asked a few times.  honestly i am sad to say i don't really have a great answer.  ever since childhood i have had a very wild imagination.  my mind is always filled with so many thoughts and ideas.  i'm always looking for new ways to be creative and i think scenic glory has really been a wonderful outlet for me.

i relate a lot of my posts, particularly my inspiration boards to life circumstances.  i have always been a very positive person and i like getting others to think positively about there own life as well.  when your life is a positive there isn't a better place to be.

how did you get so good at blog design?
i have been asked this one a lot throughout the last few months.  i first created scenic glory in july and didn't write my first post until november.  those few months in between i spent learning exactly how blogger worked and educated myself on HTML code.  HTML seems to be the thing that people struggle with most, but i assure you anyone can learn it if i can.  

the actual designing part i do in photoshop and then upload to photobucket and then apply to the blog. the key is knowing the size to design things...you don't want your buttons going into your background and things like that.

what is your next tattoo going to be?
oh i just love this question.  for my new followers and others that may have missed it, my post on my tattoos is here.  okay for new tattoos...i just finished up my owl,flower, peacock feather tattoo, but plan to get more peacock feathers down my arm, probably a half sleeve. 

another tattoo i would like to get in the near future is a skeleton key.  the only reason i haven't gotten it yet is because i'm not exactly sure where i want to put it (any suggestions please leave me a comment!!).  i like the idea of having a skeleton key because they are able to open up any door.  i relate this to being able to open up any closed door in my life.

what has been your favorite post?
oh boy another great one...i really put a lot of thought and dedication (as do all of us!) into each of my posts, but to date my favorite has been the what is scenic glory post.  if you haven't had a chance to see it i'd love for you to check it out here.

i think i will stop there for now and will have another post or two with the other questions that you asked :) if you have any others you'd like to throw my way feel free to just leave it in the comments below!

have a lovely day friends. xo-lindsay


  1. You are utterly inspirational. I am a quiet follower, but your posts perk me up each morning when I am at work :) Thank you :)

    Your tattoos are lovely, and they represent so many things :)

  2. Wow, love this post! It's so nice getting to know you better! Can't wait for more!
    Hugs xxx

  3. Nice post ... I wish I had 10% of your creativity!! Love your tattoos by the way. The wedding data is really a cute idea! x

  4. Loved getting to know you better! your blog is an inspiration, daily.
    peace and love.


  5. I feel like I learn something new about you everytime I read your blog :) You're lovely!

  6. Thanks for sharing this info! It's nice to know more about the person behind the blog and in your case, designs!

  7. I heart your blog!! And your designs :-)

  8. ahhhh! love you more and more....saw the tattoo's a while back and never got a chance to comment and tell you that i love them....i want more as well! the skeleton key may look fab on the finger or inner wrist! i have some small ones that i would love to expand! your inspiration is magical...i need to dedicate more time to those kinds of post on F & F, been soooo very busy lately that i've neglected that! i'm so glad to be a part of your life! xoxo

  9. Lindsay I love this post and your next tattoo sounds wicked cool! Love the answers, you are not only an amazing designer but a wonderful writer!


  10. I love learning more & more about you! You're definitely a pretty awesome lady! :)

  11. That sounds like an incredible tattoo!

  12. Your so amazing, Lindsay. I know I tell you that all the time. I love how you said you have always had a wild imagination- something I really wish I could claim as well! I also really think its incredible that you took the time to learn about html codes before you got really into writing your blog. So incredible. AND (just one more, I promise!) I love the What is Scenic Glory post as well!

  13. I second Shayln... you are the bomb.com!!!
    AND(!) you are gorgeous even with a cup in yo' face!

  14. Thanks for answering all these questions! It was so fun to read them! I had never seen your wedding invitations somehow, they are fabulous! You got married on the same day as my best friend and exactly three weeks after I did (yes, that means we were both going crazy for a couple months).

    And that video on my blog? I just found out about yesterday and I can't stop cracking up! So so so so funny! hahaha

  15. Hey card swapping friend :) Loved reading this and getting to know a little more about you and your blog. Now I know where all of that talent that was put into the card came from! My mom, sister, and I literally stared at it for five minutes when it first came in the mail. It was truly lovely :)

  16. I've had a few of those questions up in my noggin...so I'm glad you posted/answered them :) Loved the part of where you seek & gather inspiration. And the question about your tattoos...I went and looked at the post, and the maple seed one is beautiful :) the "V" is also a roman numeral five for your 5-year anniversary :) You may have already known that, but I still think it's pretty sweet.

    I hope you do another Q&A post! loved this

  17. So you are absolutely one of my favorite bloggers ever! I just saw your tattoo post and I adore your tattoos! I have a few as well and they are so much fun to get! As for a skeleton key, have you considered getting it on the outside of your wrist? like not on top of it but like on the side of your arm? I want a skeleton key as well, but it is going to wait. I'm trying to hold off on tattoos until after I get married (whenever that may be!) Hope you're doing well lovely!