come one come all...

so apparently i like to do things a little backwards.  yesterday i shared with you our wedding programs that i designed (click here if you missed it) and today i am sharing our wedding invitations...which will then be followed by our save the dates :)  oh well!

here is what our invitation looked like.  we were really happy with the way they turned out.  we wanted something fun and playful.  we tried our hardest to give it that carnival/circus look.  my favorite part was the bottom YES & NO RSVP.  we perforated this section so that our guests could rip it off like a ticket...it was so cute!

we also enclosed these small cards attached with a gold safety pin

this card went to couples

this card went to our guests that had families

the map

the dress ticket

and our website!  it is still up and running actually.  please note it was my very first website i ever designed from scratch so be nice :) www.bigtopwedding.com

photo taken by corey rourke - one of our favorite engagement pictures

hope you all have a wonderful weekend ♥

xo - lindsay

p.s. i promise to share actual photos of all of these things i am sharing with you AND matthew and i met with our photographer last night and we should have the copyrights to our wedding pictures soon which means i get to share them all with you...yay can't wait ♥


  1. I LOVE the invitations!
    Where do you get all your wonderful ideas?!


  2. those are designerifical! love the circus theme and the yes/no section. just brill. as usual, blowing my mind with goodness. ♥

  3. Oh my goodness well done for everything pretty lady! The website looks AH-mazing. I didn't know you could do websites for your own wedding. That's wicked!

  4. Lindsayyyyyy!!!!!I want to tell you sth very important!!!!You are REALLY TALENTED!!!!!!!!!!Your ideas are AWESOMEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!The carnival/circus look was amazing and I loooooove the small cards-how clever was that!!!!!!Congratulatioooooon!!!!!

  5. Those are so awesome! Totally LOVE them!


  6. Wow, you have the most awesome ideas. You need to share some of your creative juices! :P


  7. Holy cows, I had a flashback to that magic-filled promo for Water for Elephants looking at those. They are just as enchanting! You guys are obviously the coolest couple I have ever met err...read about.

  8. You are simply put the most creative, talented individual I've ever met besides my daughter. You remind me so much of her it's scary! These are gorgeous and the website is divine!

    <3 Donna

  9. super cool, lindsay!
    I mean, I see this type of thing all the time with girls saying, "I like this".
    But the fact that you are actually using these is awesome!
    I like your style.