in a nutshell

hello friends!  i hope you all have had a wonderful day...and certainly i hope it was a better day than mine.  i know i usually keep my posts pretty positive, but sadly today i don't have much positivity to share.

i woke up this morning planning to go about my day as usual...take a shower then catch up on some emails and read the newest blog posts.  well, i managed to do the shower part right, but when i went to my computer to turn it on....nothing....more nothing.  my poor little mac was obviously overworked this weekend and decided to call it quits.

well, that sucks doesn't it?  but, the day must go on.  i got ready and walked outside to this...

it's the snow i have been waiting for forever.  i wanted to be excited, it is really a beautiful snow fall...instead i was irritated and realized even more how irritated i was because i didn't have appropriate shoes to wear.  why on earth would i be wishing for this snow and not take the time to buy shoes to wear in it?  lindsay, lindsay...think!!  (things to do this weekend...buy a pair of boots for this season!)

i got to work and had a hard time concentrating...matthew and i decided to take off early (we both work together) and i took my poor computer to the doctor...i should have it back in a week!!  oh my gosh this is going to be a long week!!

matthew and i took a trip to the mall to have some lunch...then we went to my favorite cookie shop to get dessert.  usually i get a cookie, but today i opted for the extraordinarily large cupcake...

the picture doesn't do this baby justice...when i say it was extraordinarily large, i mean it!  i still have left overs to prove it.

after consuming these sweets, we headed home to relax a bit.  i layed on the couch with this little girl...

later in the afternoon matthew and i had an appointment to meet with our photographer to finalize our wedding album design.  just as we were about to leave we noticed a lost dog hanging out in our backyard.  after some sweet talking and many large milk bone treats we were able to get him out of the snow and check his collar.  we called his owners and let them know that we would bring buster home soon...

so here i am enjoying a much needed glass of wine...

i realize now that my day might have started off badly...but the snow i wanted so badly has finally arrived (i can't wait to make snowmen), i got to take the day off with my amazing husband, we ate tasty cupcakes, spent time with our animals, rescued a dog named buster and now we are enjoying a glass of wine and about to eat a dinner with great friends before watching the football game.  this was my day in a nutshell...looking back it really wasn't too bad :)

xoxo - lindsay

p.s. my posts will be lacking pretty designs the next week or so, but i promise as soon as the doctor fixes my lovely mac computer i will be back in full swing!


  1. That cupcake looks amazing! And so does your glass of wine! Glad it turned out ok! :)

  2. you know what, ms lindsey- i LOVED this post. like seriously loved it.

    i am very sorry to hear about your laptop. mine suffered a painful death last year and there really is nothing worse losing all of your work for six years!

    but you managed to turn your day around and eat a giant delicious cupcake and still remain upbeat, and that is just one reason why you are so awesome.

    i loved your "design-lacking" post full of hipsamatic pictures :)

  3. Wine and cupcakes seems like the perfect remedy for a bad morning :). Hope your MAC is better soon :). I also hope someone gifts me a MAC cause I really feel like I should be using a MAC instead of a PC.

  4. I am so sorry to hear you had a bad day, friend! But I am glad you were able to look back and not think it was so bad...you are so terrific, you don't deserve to have a bad day:-) Hope your Mac gets better soon-thanks for taking in that puppy, I am glad it had tags and you were able to contact the owners. I still feel so bad about that dog we weren't able to keep...

  5. Aw Lindsay! I am sorry your day started out so bad. :( Im a glad it turned into a good one. :) Snow is the best, it's supposed hit PA tomorrow afternoon. I hope it does! :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

  6. Awwww, it'll be ok, Lindsay! We'll help your week go faster. You'll see, it'll be over before you know it and you'll have your dear comp back.

    PS: That cupcake sure looks delish!


  7. Sorry you had a rough day- here's hoping the rest of the week is a lot better!

    Hope you enjoy the football game!


  8. snow Brrr to cold but cupcake looked yummy

  9. Sorry to hear about your computer! Those things really suck!
    Is that a Great Dane? Very pretty! My friend has one - he is huge!

    Enjoy your dinner and wine! Tomorrow will be better!

    Hugs xxx

  10. Oh! Boo for a bad day...but I hope that it starts to look better after that yummy dinner & wine. :)

    Hope your computer gets well soon. Enjoy that snow!!

  11. thank you all for the encouraging words :) you all are the best!! @Chrissy I hope you read this!! Please email me scenicglory@gmail.com!! You are such a loyal follower and i am sad because I can't view your profile and blog :( i'd love to chat!!

  12. Ooo I'm sorry you had a bit of a bummer day. I know exactly how you were feeling, crazy right?!?! I love when I feel that with someone's writing. Anyways, that cupcake. Ugh. I needed one of those today too. The first thing I am going to do when I wakey in the morning is forget all about today:) Enjoy the game!

  13. It is so nice to hear that you are normal and have bad days too. I hate a sick computer but I'm glad it can be fixed! The rest of your day sounds pretty good, I'm glad it turned around! xo p.s. I'm popping in from Mexico :)

  14. even though the day didn't quite start off the way you hoped, everything ENDED beautifully! I'm glad you could find the positivity in it all, and I hope Tuesday goes as planned!

  15. oh that sounds like quite the day girly! but seriously, i believe happiness lives inside a nice glass of wine...so you ended it well! so happy to hear Buster made it home thanks to you two rescuers. poor pup must have been freezing. ♥

  16. Okay so that cupcake looks amazingly delicious right now mmmm!! I love your blog and you are just so cute. Love this post :) Snow isn't all it's cracked up to be. I get it daily... want it to be Spring!! Great pics.


  17. I'm sorry about your computer - don't worry, it will be fixed in no time. The snow just looks so beautiful and the cupcake looks just too delicious - I have a sweet tooth myself. You had a good day and that's all that matters.

  18. boo about the computer pooping out on ya :( Hope it gets fixed soon! and I must say, I love the beautiful designs and photos you put together on your posts, but i adored this posts cause we got a taste of a day with Lindsay :)

  19. sounds like a pretty good day to me :)

  20. Sry for commenting late, but hope that your day turned out for the better! Hope your mac gets fixed soon! x

  21. Awww...it might have seemed like a bad day, but then it turned to the sweetest day ever! Yay that you rescued that poor puppers in the snow. I be he was cold and homesick. And cupcakes...well, then it's all good. :) Love you, girl!

  22. Thank you for sharing your not-so-perfect day!

    I hope the Mac Dr works his magic and you get it back soon!

    That snow looks beautiful (although i don't have the worry of footwear!) I just want to frolic in it and make snow angels ♥

    Buster wandered into the best backyard, hope he enjoyed his impromptu playdate and his parents came and got him :)

    And that cupcake...oh my.

    I hope tomorrow (or today? I lose track of time differences!) is a wonderful one ♥

  23. It actually seems a pretty nice day to me, apart from the mac part. Everything involving large cupcakes is gooood! :)

  24. Awwe. But maybe there is positivity in this. Afterall, you wouldn't have enjoyed a mini-time off with your hubby, gigantic cupcake, and your doggy - the simple things in life.

    Hope your mac gets fixed soon.

  25. Boo that your computer took a poo! I hope it's back up and running in no time. Sounds like your day turned out a whole lot better than it started. You're awesome like that!! ;) Who doesn't love a delicious treat? Cupcakes were my bestfriend this past weekend! ;)

  26. A busy day at work yesterday (since we're moving!) meant I didn't read this post until now--it sounds like the snow storm has brought more than just snow to us. It also meant unexpected surprises (good and bad) and more time with our hubbies :)

  27. Sweet!!!!!Sweet!!!!Sweet!!!!!I mean sweeeeeeet!!!!!!!Don't worry about your mac it's going to be FINE!!!!!!!