floridian sunrise dress - a lovely giveaway

the ever so lovely trina of feed the birdies has so generously offered to giveaway this beautiful dress i call floridian sunrise on scenic glory!  i am beyond excited to share this vintage beauty with you.

to enter:
- follow trina over at feed the birdies
- leave me comment below telling us why you love this dress (don't forget to leave your email!)

extra entries (please be sure to leave a separate comment)
- become a follower of scenic glory

the winner will be announced on Monday, January 17th!

also...brooke and cassie are giving away dresses too so go check those out!

hope you all had a beautiful weekend!  xo-lindsay


  1. What a beautiful dress! too bad I'm too curvy for it! Maybe after a few more months I'll be the right size. hehe!

  2. Wow such a pretty dress. I will go and leave a comment there . Yuppie! XD

  3. this dress is lovely and right up my alley style wise! i love that it is that 60s mod style and it would be a perfect dress to pair with a funky embroidered pair of stocking and a cute pair of heels! ...and what do you know... it's my measurements!

    i have followed trina and i am of course a follower of scenic glory!
    peace. love. create.

  4. That's so neat and it would fit me everywhere but the waist! My waist used to be a 30, but now I am sure that it's near a 34 :(

  5. I am a gfc follower / new .

    I like this dress because of the design and color and the shape . It is cute and I could wear it with jeans .

    following trina's blog .

    tumblemumbo at gmail.com / international

  6. I'm a follower of her blog.
    I am a follower of YOUR blog.

    pretty please! :)

    mmmkay, thanks!

  7. I am somewhat obsessed with Vintage clothing! And this dress is absolutely adorable! I love the neat collar it has! I feel like who ever wins this dress deserves to be on a refrigerator magnet:)

    I do follow scenic glory:) I do love feed the birdies as well!


  8. I love this dress because it is vintage and modest. The latter is a requirement for me because of my religion and it's not always easy to do. I'd sure love to win it :)


  9. love you and this cute little dress! so vintage. not sure it'd fit this girl but i know it's gonna look great on one lucky winner! best of luck with the computer love :)

  10. Wow! What a gorgeous dress! I love the color and detail on the collar/sleeve details. Perfect!!

    Follower of both. :]

  11. I totally ve this dress because it reminds me my Grand grandmother...a person who I deeply and truly adored....

  12. I forgot the lo* from love...xexexe

  13. i love the color of this dress! perfect for valentines :) i'm now following feed the birds!

  14. follow your blog and here's the dress would make a great Sunday stroll dress. Love it.

  15. I LOVE THIS DRESS!! I am following feed the birdies!!