short but sweet ♥

be happy. love life.

sometimes small reminders are the best don't you think?

sorry i have been absent these last few days friends...we have been spending a lot of time with friends and family this weekend for the holidays!  hope you all have had a great weekend as well :) i will be back soon and will catch up on all of your lovely blogs ♥

xoxo - lindsay

ps how do you like the new blog design?  let me know if you notice any glitches so i can fix them asap!!


  1. I love your blog :) it's so refreshing!x

  2. Everything looks beautiful as always! I love the frames and the header is adorable, but then you're amazing at all that stuff so I'm not surprised!

    Hope you had a beautiful weekend enjoying yourself and having some fun times!

    <3 Donna

  3. Little reminders are always the best. I love your new blog design. It looks wonderful! Glad to hear your having a good weekend. :)

    <3Chelsea Elizabeth

    PS: Whenever I am having a down day or if I am stressed and need a moment to relax I just come here! The little reminders you always post bring my spirirs up right away! :)

  4. Oh, I like it! I love the frames...I keep thinking I am going to find a great big one like these and paint it hot pink and hang it in the living room above the fireplace. Anyway, your blog looks great!

  5. hi there,
    i found you through FTLoB's blog hop and I'm already liking your blog. Inspiring, a refreshing voice and beautiful photography...3 things that instantly lure me in. Loved this particular post; I tend to be a bit on the word-ier side, but I can definitely appreciate others' ability to keep it short, sweet and effective.

    I look forward to getting to know you!