happy holidays from the mr. & mrs.

hello again lovelies!  i hope you all have had a wonderful, fantastic and beautiful weekend ♥
matthew and i spent saturday with an amazing group of friends and today we got together with some family to celebrate the holidays :)  there is nothing better than surrounding yourself with the people you love (and have i ever mentioned that white elephant christmas parties are my favorite?)!  sadly i can not send you all a card, so instead i present you with this snapshot of matthew and i...happy holidays friends!!!!

on a side note...before i forget this absolutely hilarious (okay well i think its funny) comment from my husband i need to share it with you.  first a little background...matthew has started his training for the marathon that is in may, his foot started hurting him about a week ago so he has been wrapping it up.

the setting: walking in the parking lot getting ready to go into a restaurant.

me: watching as matthew hobbles "your foot still hurts doesn't it?"
matthew:  "oh no it's fine."
me: "you're lying!"
matthew: long pause
me: "matthew don't lie to me."
matthew: stops walking and looks at me and says "don't worry, it doesn't hurt...this is just my cool walk."

i really couldn't say anything after that...i just chuckled and left it alone :)
have a nice evening beautiful people!!



  1. That is too funny and it makes me laugh because that is definitely something my boyfriend would say. Matthew sounds very wity and funny! You both look so beautiful together in your Holiday photo :)


  2. That is so funny! You guys are the cutest! Happy Holidays! Have a great evening as well :)


  3. Yay! That photo of you two is gorgeous! And white elephant parties are amazing. And you two are a super cute couple. And I feel like a rockstar seeing my picture over there <--. Your the best- love what you have done to the place! That is all.

  4. You are so cute! Love the new design by the way. You are so amazingly creative.

  5. hahaha, Mr. Macho and his cool walk. Hopefully it gets better or his cool walk with come with a cane. (hopefully not cause that would be sad)

    Melissa from New to the Neighborhood :)

  6. aww you two are so cute!! I love what he said hah so funny!

  7. You are two beautiful people! Love this snapshot and I love the little exchange you had in the parking lot...boys are funny. ;)

  8. Awww cute! I have a cool walk to.
    big kiss,

  9. You really are too beautiful for words! What a lovely looking couple :)

    and tell Mathew i said goooood luck with the training! I ran one in November of 2009 and it was the greatest accomplishment of my life, thus far. He will rock it!!

  10. PS..... an arrangement for a road trip is A MUST!!!!!

  11. Well you def deserve a guy with a cool walk so it's all good! You guys are adorable together!

  12. So funny! Sounds like something my hubby would say...you guys are a great looking couple. XOXO

  13. Ha, that was hilarious! I love the holidays because you get to spend lots of time with family and you get lots of home cooking!

  14. Love the Christmas "card"!

    Tell Matthew good luck with his training, and I hope his foot feels better soon. even though I bet his "cool walk" is super cute!

  15. Hahaha. You two are so adorable. Hope his foot heals soon.

  16. Lovely photo of you two! Happy holidays to you too! :)

  17. Ha ha - Beautiful photo. Very cute :) x

  18. That is such a pretty picture of the two of you!

    And Bedis is completely different when he is in pain. He lets me know all the time, so that he gets to be treated like a king. It's kind of cute actually.

  19. hihi, your hubby is a funny one :)
    and that is a great picture of you two!

  20. You are gorgeous! & I love your hubs name.. (Mine is Matthew also:)

  21. Oh heavens you two are the cutest things EVER! ;)

    Your hubby is a funny guy. Gotta love funny guy's.

    Happy Holidays to you too lovely!


  22. you two are darling! :)
    glad you have such a sweet hubby to keep you laughing!
    lookin good you two!

  23. got to love a man and his cool walk

  24. haha don't you just love the goofy things that guys say? Seriously, where do they come up with that stuff?