it's the little things that count

this picture is a perfect representation of how i feel right now.  full of ideas and about ready to burst!  i wanted to do something a little light hearted for a post this afternoon and was inspired by the latest entry of my dear friend sam of love never fails. if you have not visited her lovely blog you must go asap :) she is an inspiration to all...she helps me see that it's the little things that count. 

i like
  • i like the spring time it really makes me happy
  • i like road trips - especially when they are in my bug convertible :)
  • i like when other people smile
  • i like it when it's me that makes those people smile - it's like sunshine to the soul
  • i like cruiser bikes...they make me so incredibly happy
  • i like when i find money randomly- i take that money and leave it somewhere else for someone else to find!
  • i like black & white photos
  • i like to look at other peoples engagement and wedding pictures - they make me smile
  • i like that i am someone that people feel they can talk to
  • i like pasta...a little too much
  • i like big earrings and hair accessories
  • i like walks in the park
  • i like this little place that i have created here
  • i like...actually no i love all of you, you make all of this worth it!
i want
  • i want to make a difference in someones life
  • i want to become a great photographer
  • i want to design things that make people smile
  • i want to adopt a family from a third world country
  • i want to witness a life being saved
  • i want to save someones life
  • i want to be just like my mother - she is an amazing human being
  • i want to meet the lovely sam who inspired me to do this post (crossing fingers for this summer)
  • i want to learn to play the guitar better
  • i want to do extraordinary things...i just don't know what yet
  • i want to live every day like it's the last
  • i want to live a life with absolutely no regrets
  • i want you all to post your own list of likes and wants :)
if you decide to make a post like this on your blog be sure to leave me a comment!  i love learning all about the random things in your life.  like sam said...you might be surprised with the things you say :)

xoxo - lindsay

p.s. if you want to see a little more randomness you can click here to see 50 random facts about me!


  1. It seems like the theme of the day is focusing on the positive or focusing on the little things. What a lovely post. I'm going to check out your friend's blog too :)

  2. i think you've already made a a difference in many people's life Miss. At least you have in mine. i love the "little place" you've created here. and we love you too! :)

  3. just saw her post a few minutes ago...love this inspiration! I just might do my own later this week :) I'll let you know if I do!

    I love pasta too, just fyi ;) happy almost thursday! xoxo {av}

  4. Awww, another cute list post! You're too adorable. I love it when I make other people smile too (I mean, doesn't it just make your day?) and oh god, I am a self-proclaimed pastafarian. So cheers to that! :)

    And that's pretty much exactly how I feel (and most students out there!).


  5. This is so cool! I loved reading those about you, and many of them made me smile!

  6. Amazing post. I don't know why, but I'm a little timid to sit down and write my list. I think it is revealing examination of the type of person you are...
    Your list says a lot about what a wonderful person you are!

  7. i love your list <3 - i will need to get my get my list together and put it out. once i do i'll let you know..

  8. You're just a little ray of sunshine missy! I adore your little space you've created here and you a.l.w.a.y.s. make me smile so you're good to go there!

    And OMG is anything better than pasta? Oh, maybe chocolate, but that's different!

    Love you too sweetheart, thanks for always being so wonderful!

    <3 Donna

  9. I love that you leave the "lost and found" money for someone else to find. You are so good! You better believe that money would "find" itself in my pocket! J/k!...maybe...

  10. I want...to be noted for making a better change :]
    PS- beautiful blog!

  11. I love how you are always able to break things down, making your want, needs, little happinesses, and goals so easy to read and realize!

    AubrieAnne @ http://whosyoureditor.blogspot.com/

  12. i like, love, adore, admire, you!!!!!!!!

    i know i've said it a million times but thank you for everything.. you are one in a million :)

    and no need to cross fingers... IT'S HAPPENING!!!!! Kansas City HERE WE COME!

  13. Lindsay, you are so fabulous. Like, really really great. I love meeting bloggy friends like you...your posts are always so wonderfully uplifting. I love that you love pasta, smiles, and springtime. (i do, too.)

    Happy Wednesday! xo

  14. I love this post so much that I am going to make a list for myself! This was neat...and what fun things to learn about you! Have a wonderful day!

  15. I like.... You! And your fabulous outlook and inspiring messages. Xo