that's random

i thought i'd share some randomness about me!

1. i heart the color yellow
2. action movies are my fav
3. i still sometimes think monsters hide under my bed
4. i have been a vegetarian for 5 years
5. i am slightly obsessive compulsive...i think :)
6. i believe in karma
7. i absolutely love thrift shopping
8. i think being rich is overrated
9. i love handwritten letters
10. i think i was born in the wrong era
11. i taught myself how to play guitar
12. i never sleep in
13. i like to be working on many different projects at once
14. i have about 2 years left of design school
15. i am building my portfolio to apply for a job with free people/anthropologie
16. i chopped all my hair off after i got married
17. i want to try out for the amazing race with matt
18. i want to move to a big city...i miss chicago dearly
19. some of my best memories were when i lived on a horse farm in KY
20. i always have to have a pair of earrings on - it's a staple in my wardrobe
21. i've never had the chicken pox
22. i want to hunt for gold at the end of a rainbow just for the adventure
23. i think it would be fun to live in a teepee
24. i drive a bug convertible
25. i am an only child
26. i have lived in 6 different states (FL,OH,IL,KY,AZ,NE)
27. matt and i had a carnival/circus inspired wedding
28. i love dandelions, i think they are beautiful
29. i am just under 5' tall
30. i have never broken a bone
31. i love thunderstorms
32. i can't fall asleep in silence
33. i want to travel the entire Route 66 path
34. i hate pop - that carbonation hurts my mouth!
35. my grandpa's nickname for be is cookie - i call him pop pop :)
36. i am a lover of Dave Matthews Band
37. i want to meet Lady Gaga
38. i would like to one day travel all over the country by RV
39. i love playing board games
40. i want to learn how to knit
41. i just started learning how to sew
42. i used to get in trouble in elementary school for being a "chatter box"
43. i feel bad if i step on ants
44. i wink back at my pets when they wink at me just in case it's some kind of code
45. i have snowflakes tattooed on my ribs in honor of my great grandmother
46. when i watched Lassie as a child i always cried when it was over because i thought she was never coming back :)
47. madonna was my idol in preschool (at graduation i told everyone when i grew up i wanted to be just like her)
48. i would like to adopt a family from a third world country
49. i have nightmares all the time
50. i married my best friend and partner in crime on 6/12/2010

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  1. I know this was from a while ago, but I followed the link from your newest post, and just had to comment because...I wink back at my pets too! I always have :) I feel like its me and their little inside joke. haha!